Best Anime on Netflix to Watch

netflix anime

Looking for an anime show to binge this weekend? Netflix has your back, homeslice. This streaming juggernaut has upped its anime game (and even its live-action anime) and now has a hefty list of excellent anime titles to stream. But we’ll save you from endless title scrolling and give you our picks for the best anime on Netflix right now.

Some of these titles might not be available in your region, so make sure to check beforehand (don’t wanna disappoint you just as you’re about to watch). And if you need to renew your subscription, we gotchu too—here’s how to buy Netflix gift card online.

All set? Got your Netflix sub, Pocky, and Brock-approved jelly donuts? Well then, let the anime marathon commence!

Delicious in Dungeon

Netflix Delicious in Dungeon

Genre: Seinen, High Fantasy, Adventure

Why we recommend it: It’s a High Fantasy cooking show!

We’re off to a yummy start with Delicious in Dungeon!

If you’re into DnD-like fantasy elements like elves, knights, magic, and gallivanting in dungeons, with a sprinkle of mystery and adventure, a dash of cooking show, and a pinch of Studio Trigger’s lively animation, then you’ll have a grand time with this series.

The story revolves around Laios and his party, as they delve deeper into a mysterious dungeon to save his sister from a dragon. Along the way, they get…hungry. But being in a monster-filled dungeon won’t stop the ever-curious Laios and the resourceful dwarf Senshi from using whatever they can get their hands on to make scrumptious meals.

Pro tip: Make sure you have snacks when watching this. You will get hungry.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

netflix Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Genre: Shounen, Fantasy, School Story

Why we recommend it: It’s Harry Potter if he was a gym bro and funny.

This next Netflix anime is another magic-themed series but with a different flavor—the muscley and cream puff kind. It’s essentially a Harry Potter parody but with anime tropes, and it took off because of its humor and catchy season two opening song.

The story is about Mash, who thought he was just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life in the forest with his grandpa. He wants nothing more than to eat cream puffs and do squats and push-ups all day. But after a hilarious blunder in the city, he now has to go to magic school and be the top student.

The problem? Mash has no magic powers. The solution? Mash just has to muscle his way through everything! Yep, this absolute madman uses his abs, pecs, quads, and biceps instead of spells. Of course, hilarity ensues.

Warning: Your abs will get quite a workout from all the laughs!

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

netflix Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Genre: Shounen, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama (remember to hydrate to replenish those tears)

Why we recommend it: It stands out for its heartfelt story.

The magic train isn’t stopping yet! Our next Netflix anime recommendation is also of the magic kind but with a focus on loss, companionship, and the beauty of life. It’ll tug your heartstrings, y’all!

Unlike other anime where we follow the hero’s journey from the start, the show’s story starts right after the hero’s party defeats the Big Bad and they all go their separate ways (basically, we start at the end of their story).

Being an elf, Frieren has a longer lifespan than others, and she ends up reminiscing and thinking about the life she has lived so far. Through her, we see glimpses of her old party’s journey, which is quite creative, and beautifully executed, and the reason why we think it’s one of the best anime on Netflix right now.

Other than the melancholic feel of the show, what separates Frieren from other magic-themed anime shows is that it focuses more on the world’s history of magic and how magic is developed, rather than just plain old anime battles. Plus, Studio Madhouse’s beautiful animation is stunning to watch!

Solo Leveling

netflix Solo Leveling

Genre: Shounen, Fantasy, Action

Why we recommend it: Seeing JRPG elements in an urban and modern setting is fun. Plus, the action is great!

What if we put magic, dungeon crawling, and monsters in modern-day South Korea? Well, you get Solo Leveling, a fantasy anime with a unique twist.

Portals with monsters started opening up around the world and it’s up to people with awakened powers to stop them. One low-level hunter, who’s just working to get by, stumbles upon a mysterious dungeon that changes his future. JRPG elements, an intriguing plot, and fast-paced action are what’s in store for you in this show. A-1 Pictures even brought their A-game when animating the fight scenes!

Warning: Scenes can get bloody, so make sure you’re not too squeamish.

One Piece

netflix One Piece

Genre: Shounen, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, and a bit of Sci-Fi

Why we recommend it: Adventure and wholesome friendship galore!

One Piece fans, rejoice! Not only did the madmen at Netflix pull a miracle and get Eiichiro Oda’s blessing to make a One Piece live-action series (and spoiler alert, it’s actually good), but the long-running series is finally in this streaming giant’s arsenal.

New to this pirate masterpiece? The story is about reaching for your dreams, and Luffy sails the seas to fulfill his dream of becoming the next King of the Pirates. He also wants to find the previous King’s treasure, the One Piece (and no, the treasure isn’t “the friendship we made along the way”). He is joined by others who each have a dream of their own too.

If you’ve always wanted to marathon this series, now’s your chance! Add this to your Netflix anime list; no need to “pirate” it anymore—wink, wink.

My Hero Academia

netflix My Hero Academia

Genre: Shounen, Action, Superhero

Why we recommend it: An interesting mix of shounen and the superhero genre.

Let’s add one more shounen icon to our Netflix anime list with My Hero Academia! In this anime, the Western superhero genre meets Japan’s shounen anime style. Not only do you see interesting superhero powers, but you also get amazing fight scenes—a trademark of any shounen anime that’s worth your time.

In it, the story’s meek but hardworking protagonist, Deku, meets his superhero idol and is granted his powers. He’s overjoyed, of course (who wouldn’t fanboy at meeting their idol, right?), but little does he know that the world of heroes and villains is more complicated than he realizes.

Netflix is quite timely with the show’s latest season, so you can catch new episodes easily through it. It’s also a good time to give this show a marathon or a re-watch since the manga is ending soon. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to redeem Netflix gift card code to get the ball rolling. Happy watching!