5 Tips to Get Better and Rank Up in Dota 2

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In a game like Dota 2, ranking up can be tough sometimes. Even after giving your best and trying your hardest, there are instances where you lose the match, resulting in the loss of MMR.

I’ve compiled a list of five suggestions or tips in this guide that will help you play Dota 2 more effectively, regardless of your skill level.

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Let us now look at the list of five tips that will help you get better and rank up in Dota 2. These are not necessarily tips within the game, like practicing last hits or improving minimap and game awareness. These tips are a list of good habits you must develop both inside and outside the game to start playing better.

Stick to a Role and a Limited Hero Pool

For starters, how about we keep our hero pool limited? I can understand the urge to try different heroes, but sometimes it’s better to master a few heroes and constantly play with them. Counterpicking and all is fine but experimenting with different heroes, especially in ranked mode, is a bad idea.

When it comes to roles, filling a role when required is good player behavior. But you cannot do it every time, especially when you have no experience playing that role; you will simply end up griefing the game.

So I recommend that you master a few heroes and keep a limited hero pool while also sticking to just a couple of roles. If you observe pro players in the eSports scene, a lot of them have signature heroes that they constantly pick. Not only will you play better with such heroes, but you will also feel more confident during the game.

Watch Pros and Streamers

If you want to become the best, you need to learn from the best! You can watch pro gameplay both on the Dota 2 client and on other platforms like YouTube and Twitch. You can find a lot of pros streaming the game mostly on Twitch; you can also interact with them and ask for tips on how to improve.

Another way to watch them play is directly within the game; simply go to the “WATCH” tab and you will find high-ranked, highly skilled players playing. Make it a habit to watch these games occasionally, especially during the queue times. You will pick up a couple of tips and tricks here and there.

VOD Reviews

VOD reviewing is the process of recording and watching your games to analyze and identify the mistakes in your gameplay. Any mistakes or blunders that would normally go unnoticed while playing the game can be identified with this practice.

Luckily, Dota 2 has an inbuilt system to download and view your replays. To do that, you can go to your Profile > History, select a match, and click on “Download Replay.

You’ll be shocked at how many errors you can identify when you watch yourself play the game. Make sure to learn from these mistakes and make the necessary corrections in your future games.

Learn from the Guides

With around 124 heroes and constant changes and updates, it is not a requirement for you to know how to play every hero; this is where guides come in handy.

Some pro players dedicate their time to crafting the best guides and keeping them updated for every patch. And the best part? You can find these within the game itself. Follow these guides for the best item, skill, and talent tree build. Torte de Lini and Immortal Faith make one of the best guides in Dota 2.

You can also find such guides on our blog; check out Dota 2 Beginners Guide, a guide tailored especially for new players to quickly learn the game.

There are also sites like Dotabuff, where you can simply click on your favorite hero, and you will find guides and recent matches played like pro players, with step-by-step item and skill builds. You can also copy the match ID from here and use it to download the replay and watch it in Dota 2.


PMA means “Positive Mental Attitude.” Though the term PMA has become a meme among the Dota 2 community, it is a great trait that every gamer must possess.

PMA is the act of pushing aside negative thoughts and positively approaching everything. In simpler terms, you can call it positive thinking or being optimistic.

Now and then, everybody will have bad days and bad teammates, but that should not affect your mental state. Don’t let those few bad instances tilt you and ultimately lead you to perform badly in your future games. Have a positive attitude and be confident about your skills. Follow these five tips you’ve learned today, and you will see a huge change in your gameplay.


After all, Dota 2 is a team game, and to be able to win a match, everyone on the team must perform their best.

As a player, you cannot control how your teammates are going to play, but what you can do is improve your skills, which will help you win your lane, play better, make better decisions, and ultimately increase your chances of winning the games.

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