Diablo 4 – Choose the Right Class For You!

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With Lilith amassing her forces from Hell, and Inarius gathering his followers throughout the world, humanity is set to bear witness to another cataclysmic battle on the already-scarred grounds of Sanctuary.

Both sides will employ the assistance of their most powerful allies and minions, and there seems to be little hope for anyone to be able to do anything about it – unless you rise up to take your place as humanity’s latest protector and champion!

In Diablo 4, the road to stopping the upcoming war between the two opposing factions is not set in stone, so you will be able to decide your own fate in stopping the oncoming apocalypse, starting with your preferred character class in the game.

These are the classes that have already been confirmed thus far, with a few more probably introduced through expansions in the future:

  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Necromancer
  • Sorcerer
  • Rogue

Each class is unique and caters to different playing styles and combat abilities, so you need to determine which one identifies with you the most.

As such, here’s a look at each of them, for you to make an informed choice:


The most straightforward and direct combatant is the Barbarian.

Armed to the teeth with the mastery of various weapon uses, becoming a Barbarian will entail melee-to-medium ranged combat, allowing you to go up close and personal with your enemies.

Obviously, this might be the ‘easiest’ and most popular choice for anyone to pick for the first playthrough, but you might find the class’ array of skills too dependent on the Arsenal System where your weapon picks will decide which powers you can have at any given moment.

That being said, this new system works seamlessly for those who favor brutality and power as their answer to all conflicts, and as the Barbarian, you become mightier the longer you stay in a fight, thanks to the use of Fury generated by your attacks.

If you love to focus enemies’ aggro towards yourself, tanking hits while enjoying the pleasure of bathing yourself in their blood, then the Barbarian could be the perfect class for you, hence the name itself!


Closely behind the Barbarian in physical engagements is the Druid.

An adept spellcaster of Earth and Storm magic, he can shape-shift into different animalistic forms to wreak havoc, such as a Werebear or a Werewolf.

This is done seamlessly every time the respective Were-powers are used, much like the Barbarian’s Arsenal System, but you will literally change into a ferocious humanoid-canine hybrid instead.

Now, combining elemental magic with shape-shifting can be a double-edged sword; you can focus your attack builds on specific elemental combos, or emphasize gear setups to maximize your shape-shifting damage output, but not both at the same time.

If so, you would be ineffective throughout the end game, becoming more of a support player if you’re playing with friends in a group.

Still, if you find the prospect of transforming into a dangerous beast and wielding devastating magical attacks exciting, then the Druid might just be the one for you.


Sometimes, it’s best to fight fire with fire.

In the Necromancer’s case, fight demons using the help of the undead.

Primarily a ranged caster, being a Necromancer allows you to summon your own legions of minions; their attacks and uses customized to your preferred skills.

As a Necromancer, you can prioritize your builds to be more offensive, staying further away from danger while your skeletal followers take up the brunt of enemies’ damages.

Plus, you’ll have tons of magical attunements to be mastered at your disposal, each being the Bone, Darkness, and Blood alignments accordingly.

In fact, a recent test player even defeated the World Boss, Ashava, by going at it solo as a Necromancer during Server Slam!

If the Necromancer sounds more up your alley, then give it a try!


Interested in a more ‘traditional’ character class?

Well, the Sorcerer might be what you’re looking for.

Another ranged combatant, the Sorcerer isn’t renowned for their durability but is feared for their destructive capabilities with even more elemental wizardry that surpasses those of the Druids.

You’ll have the opportunity to use spell combos between fire, ice, and lightning elements.

Besides that, your abilities create numerous crowd-control (CC) effects and damage-over-time (DOT) stacks, hampering even the strongest of monsters to their most defenseless states.

Think of yourself as an ARPG enthusiast who likes deep builds in-game.

Then the Sorcerer could be you.


Diablo 4 wouldn’t be complete without an Assassin-type class, and the Rogue fits the bill.

A versatile combatant who can fight melee and at range, you’ll be able to dart around the battlefield with ease while dishing out attacks non-stop.

Not only that, your attacks can be imbued (empowered) with different effects as well, most notably poison, cold, or shadow elemental damage.

As a Rogue, you can consider yourself the jack-of-all-trades, but it will all depend on the build choices that you opt for in the game.

The Rogue might even have the best-looking cosmetics too, if you adore hoodies and cloaks!

Now you know which character class you’re planning to pursue in Diablo 4?

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