Dragon Ball Legends Beginner’s Guide

Welcome, Z-Warriors, to the ultimate beginner guide to Dragon Ball Legends. DB Legends is a card game available on both iOS and Android mobile phones. The game itself might look very simple and easy, but there is a lot more to understand before starting out.

Once you get into the game, you will see a lot of terms like limitbreakers, chrono crystals, souls, z-abilities, and whatnot.

These are definitely a little bit intimidating and discourage you from giving more of your time, but do not worry; in this guide, we will go through all the basics of Dragon Ball Legends and help you enjoy the game.

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Basics of Dragon Ball Legends

Let us first begin with the characters and their abilities.

Characters and Abilities

Characters are basically the units in your team that you will be using to fight, for example: Goku, Vegeta, Broly, Android 17, etc.

These characters are further divided into four parts based on their rarity: hero, extreme, sparkling, and ultra. With hero rarity being the weakest and ultra being the strongest. Within sparkling, there is another rarity called the Legends Limited.

Abilities are your character’s attacks or powers. Here are the abilities of all characters: strike, shot, special move, and a special skill. There are a few special characters that have an extra ability called the Ultimate Skill.

Elements or Colors

Each character is assigned an element (a few people like calling it color; both are the same). These elements determine whether the character is strong, weak, or neutral against the other elements.

Basically, if you have played Pokémon, Palworld, or similar games, it will be easy for you to grasp these mechanics. There’s no need to bother much about remembering the elements; check out the image below.

Here’s how to understand the elements:

When I say blue > red > yellow, it means that red is strong against yellow but weak against blue.

Here’s how the elements work:

Red > Yellow
Yellow > Purple
Purple > Green
Green > Blue and
Blue > Red

There are two other special elements called Light and Dark.

Dark is strong against all the basic elements we’ve mentioned before Dark > Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Blue.

And Light is strong against Dark

Light > Dark.

Again, if you’re having trouble remembering the elements and their strengths and weaknesses, simply save the image for future reference. It also keeps popping up in the game before a match.

Chrono crystals

Crystals are the in-game currency for DB Legends. You will be using these chrono crystals to summon new characters. Summoning basically means unlocking. You can get a lot of crystals by playing the story mode and by checking your rewards from time to time.

When you first start the game and go through the story mode and tutorials, you will have a handful of these crystals so feel free to unlock as many characters as possible.

Whenever you unlock multiple duplicates, you will see a term called Limit Breaker. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Limit breaker

Limit breaking is the mechanic for increasing your character’s stats and power. With each limit break, your character’s health, attack, and defense will receive a buff.

Whenever you summon a duplicate of your character, you will receive something called a Z Power, which can be further used to limit breaks.

There are also a few special events happening from time to time that reward you with Z power.

There is another similar mechanic but stronger than a limit breaker, called the Zenkai Awakening.

Zenkai Awakening

This is a mechanic that gives a huge power boost to your characters. This is a boost that goes beyond limit-breaking. Only a few selected characters are able to achieve Zenkai Awakening in DB Legends.

Team building

Let us now take a look at building your team. There are a few things you must know before forming your roster.

The most important thing you look for before making your team is Z-Abilities.


These are passive boosts for a character that makes other characters on your team stronger when used together.

For example, let us take Super Saiyan Goku. His Z-Ability provides a 20% base strike attack during a battle to all other characters with the “Saiyan” tag.

So whenever you’re forming a team, keep Z-Abilities and tags in mind.

You can also build your team around elements; we’ve already discussed how elements work against each other, so keep that in mind too.

Conclusion and a few tips for beginners

Dragon Ball Legends might be a little confusing at first, but staying consistent and constantly playing it will make you a pro in no time.

Story Mode is your best friend. Once you start the game and finish with the story mode, you will have all of your basics strong, and you will be ready to fight against other players in PvP.

While building a team, make use of the “Filter” option when looking for specific elements and tags; this makes the job easier.

DB Legends brings out huge updates and special events from time to time; one such event is the Dragon Ball Legends Festival. Read through it to learn more about the game.

Most importantly, do not forget to have fun while playing Dragon Ball Legends!