How to Get and Use Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are shopping cards/vouchers issued by Amazon, just like those issued by Wal-Mart and Hualian. The Amazon Gift Card in the United States can be used for shopping on Amazon, and it is one of Amazon’s most important pillar products besides e-books! Shopping on Amazon is equivalent to a 100% currency attribute, with no expiration date, no shopping restrictions, and can be used for both self-operated, third-party, and even shipping purposes.

For those of us who are overseas buyers, we usually use credit cards to place orders, but it seems that we don’t need Amazon e gift card as much. But sometimes it also has some practical value for us, for example, friends who don’t have a dual coin credit card or have a low credit card limit can use a Amazon Gift Card to purchase the items they need on Amazon to their heart’s content. Being among the biggest e-commerce sites available, Amazon offers the greatest prices on a wide range of products, including Amazon e gift card. Anyone in the globe may get Amazon e gift cards from you; all they have to do is use the Amazon gift card code to purchase their preferred games. All customers have to do to use an Amazon gift card code is enter it into the relevant website, and they will get money for anything they want to buy. Of course, buying something to give to friends and family is simply benefiting everyone!

So let’s talk about how we should purchase Amazon gift cards on Amazon in the United States and how to use them.

How to purchase gift cards on Amazon in the United States

Firstly, you need to have a registered Amazon account in the United States. To register an Amazon account in the United States, you can refer to the following experience. After obtaining an account, go to the page for purchasing Amazon gift cards in the United States: select egift.

Amazon Gift cards can be purchased through two channels (Instant Delivery and Free One Day Shipping), and we choose to send them via email. Because other methods of receiving physical cards have an additional transfer process and a longer cycle, their practicality is relatively poor. Next, click on the email under Digital, which means that the Amazon gift card you purchased will be directly sent to your email. After receiving the gift card password in the email, you can enter it into your Amazon account and redeem Amazon gift cards, just like we recharge your phone. Moreover, the amount in the account does not have a validity period, so you can make changes when shopping.

Choose a Amazon gift card with an amount ranging from $0.5-2000. Continue to click and the following page will appear. 

  1. Choose the style image of the Amazon e gift card, which can be designed using Amazon’s ready-made card image: “use our designs”
  2. Amazon has many exquisite card images. Choose according to your preferences, or choose any one and click “select” below the image.
  3. Enter information about the Amazon gift card.

The email address for receiving the card must be accurate and not entered incorrectly.

Go to the Amazon e gift card checkout page. If you are making a first-time Amazon purchase, you also need to register for an Amazon account and fill in credit card information. You can refer to the following experience.

After submitting the order, you will receive an email within a few minutes from the email you filled in, which contains the gift card. The red claim code is the gift card and needs to be activated on Amazon.

Start activating your gift card now

Go to your Amazon Account, look at the Payment section, select “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account”, or simply copy this link to your browser and go to Amazon to activate the gift card: copy and paste the code from your email just now, click Apply to Your Account gift card to activate it.

Enter the code of the Amazon gift cards in the box, and then click the yellow button. Next time you shop, you can use a gift card to automatically checkout.

Notes on Amazon gift cards:

1. Amazon stipulates that gift cards cannot be used for sales, so if you intend to buy them as gifts for others, please do not make large purchases in a short period of time to avoid Amazon mistakenly believing that you are buying gift cards in large quantities for sales purposes.

2. Amazon Gift cards cannot be used to purchase s&s products, and Amazon PRIME membership features cannot be tried. Unless your account has previously been linked to credit card information, this situation can be used.

3. Some popular limited purchase products cannot be purchased too many at once, and Amazon may think that you are reselling the products, thus blocking your account.

4. Amazon gift cards from various countries can only be used on corresponding websites and cannot be used interchangeably. Please be aware.