How to Redeem IKEA Gift Card

ikea gift card

About IKEA Gift Card

IKEA gift cards can let you save the hassle of entering your bank account when checking out. There are both digital and physical IKEA gift cards. But there is no big difference in how they are used. Because the IKEA gift card is essentially a redemption code. You can simply use it to pay for your order at checkout. So you can buy any product with an IKEA gift card.

How to Activate IKEA Gift Card Online?

Step 1 – Log into IKEA with your account. Pick the stuff you want to buy. Click Add to shopping cart.

Step 2 – Choose your preferred shipping method. Then enter your information.

Step 3 – Confirm your information. Then click Next Step.

Step 4 – Find the IKEA gift card option at checkout.

Step 5 – Enter your IKEA gift card number and the security code. Then Click on Validate.

Now you can continue and complete the payment. Unspent money will remain in the gift card. There are also cases where the gift card is not enough to pay for the order. Then you need to use other payment methods.

Instruction on How to Check IKEA Gift Card Balance

Step 1 – Find IKEA’s Balance Checking Page. Different regions should all have web pages with this function. Just Google for How to Check IKEA Gift Card Balance.

Step 2 – Login to your IKEA account. Then enter the card number and PIN code. You will see your IKEA gift card balance.