Lost Ark Guide to Play Breaker Class

Lost Ark Guide to Play Breaker Class

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMORPG with a range of classes. The developers will even add additional classes to the game over time, allowing you to try out fresh playstyle options. One such class is the Breakdown class. The Lost Ark Breaker class was introduced in the recent game update, Heroes of Arkesia, which features a new series of story quests, new progression events, and the arrival of the Breaker advanced class, among other interesting content, events, and skins. 

The Lost Ark Breaker Advanced Class is lethal with its heavy gauntlets, mobility, and combinations that do much damage. Breaker-specific mechanisms have been added, such as a new Title and 10 Achievements, associated missions, and a Trophy, in addition to Lost Ark Breaker Engravings. This guide will tell you how to play Lost Ark Breaker class efficiently. The Lost Ark Breaker Build is unique as it features two versions of the best builds, these are:

  • Asura’s Path
  • Brawler King Storm

Let’s understand the advantages and niche capabilities of these builds one by one. 

Lost Ark Breaker Build – Asura’s Path

Asura’s Path, also known as Asura Breaker, is a fast-moving, nonstop action build where the player trades blows with the boss to store Asura’s energy, which he then lets loose in a powerful barrage of strikes. Swiftness is a secondary stat in this entropy build, primarily crit-based. The Lost Ark Breaker engravings for this one are rather simple. 

Asura’s Path Engravings 

  • Master Brawler: Gives your Front Attack talents a huge increase, which accounts for most of your damage. 
  • Adrenaline: Offers a supplementary source of attack power and critical rate. Maintenance is not very difficult.
  • Raid Captain or Keen Blunt Weapon: It perfectly harmonizes with your Movement Speed and Swiftness sub-stats.
  • Grudge: Doubles the amount of damage received and done. Even with the disadvantage, the engraving is still beneficial because it substantially increases damage without requiring precise placement.
  • Asura’s Path: Allows you to play this build in a way that enhances your identity and gives you movement speed.

Because Raid Captain is a class engraving that grants 15% passive movement speed, Asura Breaker can use it. Please be aware that in the absence of food or feast, your efficiency will be slightly lower. Most people are playing the Asura stance, as with this one, you can easily attain high damage with less work. 

Stat for Asura’s Path

Priority Stat

Crit and Swiftness are used in this build.

  • The main stat is Crit. It immediately increases the consistency and damage caused by your Asura attacks.
  • Swiftness is a secondary stat. It provides a minor increase in attack and movement speed and a reduction in cooldown.

Asura’s normal skills are rapid, so you usually will be fine with missing your large hits. However, the key goal with Asura is to activate your Asura state decisively and land every blow without the monster turning or backing away. Your punches all land in 4-6 seconds, and once you start, it’s difficult to change positions.

Defensive Speculation is a potent special shield that makes Asura Breaker powerful. By using Defensive Speculation, you can fight the boss in close combat rather than long-range one. You can get a 40% HP shield, a 20% damage reduction, and a 50% gauge reduction from unique boss mechanics by using Defensive Speculation.

With Breaker, you can raise your Defensive Speculation shield to block assaults before it briefly cools down. It can withstand a few hits or one extremely lethal blow, especially when stacked with a supporter’s shield, which you’ll frequently have. 

Lost Ark Breaker Build - Asura's Path

Asura’s Path Skills

  • King’s Advance- Level 10
  • Lightning Strike- Level 10
  • Sweep- Level 10
  • Star fall-Level 12
  • Zaffre Nova
  • True strike
  • Uppercut
  • Flash of Light

Lost Ark Breaker Build – Brawl King Storm

Another Lost Ark Breaker build is Brawl King Storm, or simply just Brawl King Breaker. It is a heavy burst build as well; however, it uses a different identity skill and is dependent on specialization. Brawl King Storm can attack from any direction, employing a unique collection of abilities and tripods. The Lost Ark Breaker engravings for this one are:

Brawl King Storm Engravings 

  • Super Charge: Increases the damage and shortens the charge duration of certain of your primary talents.
  • Adrenaline: Offers an Extra Attack Power and Crit Rate Source. It requires little maintenance.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon or Hit Master: Coordinate nicely with your Crit substat and equipment set.
  • Grudge: Increases damage taken and decreases damage done. The engraving is still valuable despite the disadvantage because it increases damage very effectively without requiring precise placement.
  • Brawl King Storm: Boosts your damage, gives you access to a strong talent, and improves your identity.

Since most of your damage profile will come from Brawl King’s two most potent charge-based strikes, Super Charge is essential for this build. Brawl King Storm is a relatively safer build, so it doesn’t need special shields like Defensive Speculation as Asura’s Path. 

Skills used in Brawl King Storm 

  • King’s Advance- Level 10
  • Lightning Strike- Level 10
  • Diamond Strike- Level 10
  • Hundred Fists- Level 10
  • King’s strike- Level 10
  • Heavenly fist- Level 10
  • Flash of Light- Level 10
  • Star fall-Level 12
  • Land Shredding Strike- Level 12
Lost Ark Breaker Build - Brawl King

Brawl King Storm Gems

Gems are another important component of any setup since they directly affect the damage and cooldowns of your talents. You can have up to 11 jewels equipped at a time.

Damage Gems

  • Falling Blossoms
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Celestial Force Barrage
  • Falling Star

Cooldown Gems

  • Brawl King’s Advance
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Celestial Force Barrage
  • Crater Strike
  • Adamantine Assault
  • Falling Star
  • Hundred Fists

Brawl King Storm Stats

Priority Stat

Crit and Specialization are used in this build.

  • The main stat is specialization. It immediately raises both your meter generation and the damage of your Shock talents while in the Brawl King Stance.
  • The secondary stat is Crit. It provides constancy in damage.


Lost Ark Breaker is a fun and unique class to play, especially because of its solid builds. Both are unique and useful in their own way. However, Asura’s Path is the stronger one, but Brawler doesn’t have much of a downside, so you can play whichever you enjoy the most. Also, don’t forget to purchase Lost Ark Gold from U7BUY to complete your build as soon as possible and make faster progress.