A Comprehensive Guide for New OSRS Players

Embarking on the journey of Old School Runescape (OSRS) is a nostalgic and rewarding experience for both seasoned players and newcomers alike. While the new version of Runescape offers a modern and engaging gameplay experience, delving into OSRS provides a unique opportunity to revisit the roots of the game. In this guide, we will explore essential tips for new players, ensuring a smoother transition into the challenging yet captivating world of OSRS. Additionally, for the best OSRS gold price and top-quality OSRS accounts, consider visiting U7BUY, where you can access the most competitive deals.

Take Your Time in Tutorial Island:

Upon entering the world of OSRS, players are greeted with Tutorial Island, a comprehensive introduction to the game’s mechanics. Unlike the new Runescape, there’s no rush in OSRS, allowing players to customize their characters and explore the basics at their own pace. Taking the time to plan your character’s combat and crafting preferences during this stage is crucial for a successful journey.

Talk to Adventurer Jon:

Located outside the Sheared Ram pub in Lumbridge, Adventurer Jon offers valuable benefits to new players. Engaging with him after talking to the Gielinor Guide provides access to the Adventure Path, offering two choices: the Gatherer Path for resource collection or the Combat Path for a more challenging experience. Opting for the Combat Path grants a free Combat Path Start Kit, including weapons and armor.

Start Mastering Your Skills:

With a total of 23 skills in OSRS, focusing on 1-3 combat and gathering skills initially is advisable. Prioritize leveling up specific skills to avoid becoming a jack-of-all-trades. Whether it’s mining, fishing, or magic, strategic skill development is key to success in OSRS.

Free-to-play Skills:


Members-only Skills:


Go Through the Stronghold of Security:

While not recommended for beginners, the Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village offers significant rewards for those brave enough to conquer its four levels. Gradually progressing through levels like Vault of War and Catacomb of Famine provides lucrative rewards, helping players in their OSRS journey.

Quest Till You Drop:

Completing quests in OSRS is not only rewarding but also essential for character progression. With 157 quests available, both free-to-play and members-only, players can earn gold, XP, and valuable items. The following quests are highly recommended for beginners.

Cook’s AssistantThis quest is beloved and iconic within the Runescape community. It’s the first-ever quest for the game and all you need to do is travel around Lumbridge to collect ingredients for a cake. It nets you a generous Cooking XP reward.300 Cooking XP
Sheep ShearerCrafting will be a major part of your experience in Runescape. Sheep Shearer is an introductory course into the mechanic so you must do this.150 Crafting XP and 60gp
The Restless GhostYou’ll need to solve a mysterious ghost sighting in Lumbridge church for this one. While easy, you need to be careful of an aggressive ghost near the end of this quest and it can kill you. Finishing this quest rewards you with a huge amount of Prayer XP.1,125 Prayer XP
Rune MysteriesCrafting will be a major part of your experience in Runescape. Sheep Shearer is an introductory course into the mechanic so it’s important that you do this.Access to the Runecrafting skill and the Rune Essence mine
Romeo and JulietA simple quest that sees you traveling around Varrock to help two lovers. Doing this quest helps you completely understand how quests and quest points work in OSRS.Five quest points
Witch’s PotionThis will teach you the basics of potion brewing and herb hunting in the game. Helping the witch brew her potion will give you a huge boost to your Magic XP.325 Magic XP

Join A Clan:

Strength lies in numbers, and joining a clan in OSRS can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Clans provide guidance and support, especially for new players navigating the intricacies of the game. Visit the OSRS clans forum to find a clan that suits your preferences, offering a sense of community and camaraderie.

As you embark on your OSRS adventure, remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun. OSRS stands the test of time, attracting players with its challenging gameplay. For the best OSRS gold price and OSRS accounts, check out our U7BUY, where you can access exclusive deals. Enjoy your journey through the lands of Geilinor, and may your OSRS experience be both thrilling and rewarding.