The Best Xbox Indie Games to Try in 2024

xbox indie games

While we’re always highlighting the next biggest AAA games on the horizon, we thought we’d give the spotlight to the little indie games this time. They might not seem as grand but they pack quite the punch in terms of giving players oodles of fun. Sometimes, they’re even more fun than your usual AAA releases.

Variety is the spice of life, after all—and to spice up your gaming life, why not try some of these delightful Xbox indie games on your next gaming sesh? Grab some snacks, buy Xbox gift card digital, grab some of these titles, and get your weekend sorted with these indie games!

Sea of Stars

This is a love letter to the classic turn-based RPGs a lot of us loved as kids (and honestly, even as adults—one doesn’t just stop loving RPGs!). If you love JRPGs with a fantasy story and an eclectic cast, this is a must-play for you. If this is your first foray into the retro-inspired and turn-based RPG genre? Strap on, champ. There’s no better way to start your turn-based adventure and you’ll surely have a grand time with Sea of Stars!

Play this Xbox indie on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


If puzzles and platforming are your jam, then jump right into the world of Braid. In it, the protagonist has to rescue the princess but he has to go through hoops, literally and figuratively, to get to her (it’s no Mario, alright). Yep, the protagonist, Tim, mulls over his adventure throughout the game and you get a glimpse of the inner machinations of his mind too.

But the biggest reason that we included this in our Xbox indie games list is because it recently has a remastered version! With better visuals and sound, commentary, and even new levels, you can get this version starting May 2024. Play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The Witness

If you liked Braid, then check out The Witness next, which is made by the same developer. Puzzle and exploration is the genre combo this time, where you explore an open-world island and solve puzzles to progress, but the twist is that there are no proper instructions for the puzzles at all!

You’ll have to do trial and error and use context clues to understand things but trust us, it’s all so satisfying when you figure it out in the end.

The Witness is currently available on Xbox One.


Ever wondered what it’s like to be in Viking purgatory? Well, you can experience that now through Valheim! This exploration and survival game throws you and your friends into a brutal world where you have to craft, build, battle, and survive to impress Odin.

Never knew purgatory could be this fun with friends! Valheim is on early access on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Planet of Lana

Looking for an indie puzzle adventure game that can tug at your heartstrings and wow your eyes with its visuals? We might have just the title for you!

Planet of Lana tells the story of how one peaceful planet’s existence changed due to technology. But despite its dark moments, the game has a tinge of optimism that is heartwarming. The puzzles are weaved well with its visuals and its soundtrack is absolutely beautiful too!

Play this Xbox indie on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Grim Dawn

Happy and brightly-colored games are great and all, but if you’re more into the dark and gritty reality of a Victorian-era-inspired world, Grim Dawn sounds like the perfect fit for your style.

In this ARPG Xbox indie game, you get to combine classes to get different skills, collect items of different rarity, do quests with actual choices and consequences, join factions, and rebuild the world with your friends (you can play solo too if you don’t like multiplayer). But be warned, this game can get really bloody!

Play this Diablo-like game on Xbox One.


Essentially, Jusant is a game of puzzles and climbing. But don’t dismiss this Xbox indie game just for that. The game masterfully weaves both of those elements to give you a unique puzzle platforming adventure rich in visuals and lore.

As you juggle your stamina and tools, as well as map out a path to climb, you get to learn more about the tower you’re climbing and maybe even about yourself. You can take your time, take alternative routes, and enjoy the vibrant nature of the game’s world.

Enjoy Jusant on Xbox Series X/S.


We previously mentioned Cocoon in our other Xbox article, but we’re adding it here again because it honestly deserves a place in this Xbox indie games list.

Cocoon merges the cute and the curious in its adorable puzzle-adventure gameplay. As a tiny insect, you have to hop, skip, and jump your way to go through different worlds to solve some puzzles and even to give yourself some power-ups. Some of these worlds look so bleak and barren, which adds to the mysterious vibe of the game—an interesting contrast to the cute insect protagonist. Get Cocoon on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

And that’s it for our Xbox indie games list! Hopefully, we’ve helped expand your indie game horizons with our list. Grab an Xbox gift card or two and give the gift of indie to yourself and a friend! Need help on how to redeem Xbox gift cards? We got you covered too.