The process of activating a CD Key are different for specified platforms:


1. Open Origin Client and login your account

2. Once logged in, click on your library on the left menu.

3. Select "Enter a product code..."

4. A window will prompt you to enter the code you purchased in U7BUY

5. Origin will authenticate your code after a few minutes, and the game will be visible in your list

6. Click the game to start the download


1. On your PC, launch the application "Windows Store" and log in with your Microsoft account, then in the top right there is an icon of with three small points select: "activate a code".

2. Enter the code you just bought on U7BUY in the section "My purchases", then confirm

3. Once the game is activated, Microsoft tells us that the game is validated. You can close the window

4. A new window opens to invite you to install the game. Validate to begin the installation

5. Once the game is installed, the "Play" button will be activated, and the game will be available in the "My library" tab


1. Launch Steam and login to your Steam account.

2. Click the Games Menu.

3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.