Gameplay Introduction

FIFA's "Online Friendlies" mode allows you to play against your friends over the internet. This mode is designed to be a casual and social way to enjoy FIFA with others without the pressures of ranked matches or the long-term commitment of a league or season. Here's how gameplay typically works in Online Friendlies:

Setup and Matchmaking

Inviting Friends: You can invite friends from your platform's friend list to a match.

Choosing Teams: Both players can select any of the available teams in the game. This can range from club teams in various leagues to national teams, depending on your preferences and the game's licensing.

Match Regulations: Before starting, you can set the match conditions like half length, difficulty level (for AI-controlled players), and other game rules.

Playing the Game

Casual Matches: Online Friendlies are typically non-competitive, meaning there's less pressure to win and more focus on enjoying the game.

Real-Time Gameplay: As with all online matches, gameplay is in real-time, requiring quick decisions and reactions just like in offline play.

Communication: Players often use voice chat to communicate during the match, adding to the social experience.

Tracking Results

Series: You can play a single match or a series of matches to see who comes out on top over multiple games.

Statistics: The game keeps track of the results between you and each friend, recording wins, losses, and draws.

Friendly Season: Some FIFA editions offer a "Friendly Season" mode where you can play a season-like series of games against a friend, with a clear winner at the end.

Game Mechanics

Player Control: Each player has full control over their team, with the ability to make substitutions, change formations, and adjust tactics.

Game Physics: The physics and mechanics are consistent with the rest of the game, so your experience in Online Friendlies will benefit from the practice in other modes.

In Conclusion

Online Friendlies are perfect for players looking to have a fun time with friends, experiment with different teams and tactics, or just get accustomed to playing FIFA without the added stress of competitive modes. It's also a good way to settle scores with friends or to practice before diving into more competitive online modes like Division Rivals or FUT Champions in Ultimate Team.

Topic of Concern

In FIFA Friendlies mode, players typically focus on these more relaxed and social topics:

Fun and Challenges

Due to the informal nature of friendlies, players may set interesting challenges or make up their own rules, such as "only goalkeepers can shoot" or "the whole team is made up of defenders."

Experimenting with Lineups

Players try out different team combinations and lineups in friendlies to find the settings that best suit their style.

Skill Practice

Players use friendlies to practice specific skills and moves because there is less pressure in this mode, making it more suitable for experimentation and learning.

Social Interaction

Many players are more concerned with interacting with friends, discussing how to enhance friendships and enjoy fun times together in the game.

Playing Styles

Players also explore different playing styles, from offensive to defensive, and how to adjust tactics to match different opponents.

In-Game Stories and Anecdotes

Sharing funny or interesting stories from gameplay, such as unexpected goals or comical mistakes.

New Features and Content

New features, players, or content from any FIFA updates are hot topics of discussion, especially how to utilize these new elements in friendlies.

Control Skills

For beginners or those looking to improve their control skills, friendlies are a great place to share and discuss control techniques.

Game Strategies

Although the outcome is less important in friendlies, players still discuss and share effective game strategies.

Content Creation and Sharing

For content creators, friendlies offer a great opportunity to capture entertaining game clips and create enjoyable content.

Game Balance and Mechanics

Sometimes players will discuss issues of game balance and mechanics, as understanding the deeper aspects of the game is still of interest, even in this more relaxed mode.

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