Gameplay Introduction

FIFA VOLTA Football is a mode introduced in FIFA 20 that's focused on the street and futsal style of football, emphasizing skill, flair, and the culture that surrounds the smaller-sided game. Here's a rundown of what the VOLTA Football gameplay involves:

Game Modes and Play Styles

3v3, 4v4, 5v5 Matches: You can play matches with various team sizes, with or without goalkeepers, in different types of arenas and pitches, ranging from rooftop pitches to urban areas.

Futsal: A more structured form of small-sided football with traditional futsal rules applied, including boundaries and a heavier ball.

Story Mode: A narrative-driven experience where you progress through a storyline, enhancing your character's skills and reputation.

VOLTA World: Play against other teams in the VOLTA world, recruit players, and build your squad's strength and chemistry.

VOLTA League: Online multiplayer mode where you can compete with your team in a tiered league system.

Customization and Progression

Player Customization: From clothing and hairstyles to tattoos and celebrations, you can customize your player's appearance to stand out on the street pitch.

Avatar System: Use an avatar, including professional footballers, or create your own unique player to use across different VOLTA modes.

Skill Progression: Earn experience points and level up your player's skills to perform more advanced tricks, flicks, and moves.

Street Football Atmosphere

Authentic Locations: Play in real-life street football hotspots from around the world, each with a unique vibe and style.

Music and Culture: A dynamic soundtrack with global hits and street culture influences that add to the immersive experience.

Match Mechanics

Skill Moves: Utilize a diverse array of skill moves tailored for small-sided play, with an emphasis on individual flair and trickery.

Simplified Controls: The controls are designed to be more accessible, with simplified flicks and skill moves to make the action more fluid.

Pace and Flow: Matches are fast-paced and encourage a flowing playstyle, reflecting the quick and dynamic nature of street football.

Wall Play: Use the walls surrounding the pitch as part of the game for passes and rebounds, adding another layer to the strategy.

In Conclusion

VOLTA Football provides a contrasting experience to the traditional 11v11 matches in FIFA, offering a more personal and freestyle interpretation of football that showcases the grassroots aspect of the beautiful game.

Topic of Concern

FIFA's VOLTA Football mode is a game mode set in the context of street soccer, emphasizing skill, style, and small-scale matches. This mode is usually played on smaller fields, such as the size of a basketball court, with fewer players, typically 5v5 or less. In VOLTA Football, the topics players are most interested in might include:

Skills and Style

Skill Moves: Mastering various tricks and fancy football skills.

Personalized Style: Customizing the appearance, outfits, hairstyles, and celebration moves of players.


Small-Sided Game Tactics: Game tactics and strategies suitable for VOLTA.

Fast-Paced Gameplay: Adapting to the rapid pace of the game and the need for immediate reaction.

Mode Features

Story Mode: Discussing the story mode of VOLTA (if available), its narrative, and missions.

Online Leagues: The structure of online modes and how to progress in competition.


Venue Diversity: Exploring how different locations and types of venues affect gameplay style.

Venue Customization: How to customize and unlock personalized venues.

Team and Chemistry

Player Recruitment: How to recruit players with different skills and styles to strengthen the team.

Chemistry: The chemistry between team members and how to build collaboration.

Progress and Unlocks

Player Development: How to level up your Virtual Pro through matches.

Unlockable Content: How to unlock new attire, venues, and players.

Community and Events

Community Events: Participating in community-held VOLTA related events and tournaments.

Player Matchup: How to find like-minded players for matches.

Technical Issues and Updates

Game Updates: Discussing any new features, fixes, and improvements affecting VOLTA.

Performance and Connectivity: Optimizing game performance and improving the stability of online connections.

Skill Challenges

Challenges and Competitions: Completing the various skill challenges offered by VOLTA.

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