1. Before the seller completes the order, it's forbidden to let buyer click Confirm Receipt, and seller is not allowed to induce buyers to click Confirm Receipt. If the seller's problems cause customer transaction or payment disputes, such as delayed transactions, unusable products, or failure to provide transaction certificates as required, all costs incurred will be borne by the seller.

2. All communications should happen in U7buy chat, it's not allowed to chat with buyer in other mthord like Whatsapp/ Discord.. etc. We may ban you if you contact buyer in other ways.

3. The seller must complete the delivery within the specified time according to the transaction method selected by the customer. If the seller does not trade according to the transaction method, the seller will be responsible for subsequent problems, and U7BUY will have the right to intervene. Note that reputable sellers will attract more customers. Customers can know whether the seller is online through the seller list, so keeping the seller online helps to receive more orders.

4. Sellers are not allowed to offer or accept private deals to buyers for any reason. If there is a violation, the U7BUY account will be permanently sealed.

5. If the seller cancels the order due to delayed delivery, sold account, wrong pricing, etc., if the buyer wants to refund to the payment gateway, the seller must bear the relevant handling fees.

6. Sellers are not allowed to register multiple accounts to purchase their own listings. If this happens, the seller will be severely punished or even banned.

7. The seller needs to upload a screenshot or video of the transaction on the order page after the transaction is completed to prove that the delivery has been completed. Once a dispute arises, the completion map can be used as favorable evidence.

8. The communication between the seller and the buyer must be through the U7BUY online chat system. It is forbidden for two parties to chat in the game. Once found, the seller will be dealt with seriously.

9. The seller is not allowed to take the initiative to cancel the order or refund. If the order is canceled due to the seller's reasons, the seller needs to provide additional compensation. It should be noted that when submitting the product list, fill in the correct inventory and price.

10. Seller can only create 5 same offers for one single product or we have the right to delete your offers.

11. Use polite language when communicating with buyers. Chat content that involves harassment or threats of violence is prohibited. If you find that a customer has violated the relevant policy, please contact us immediately to report it.

12.You can only send the order which you can see in "seller orders" page. Sometimes we need to verify buyer, and the order is only shown in chat but not in "seller orders" page.

If you send the order while it's not in "seller orders" page, we won't pay for that order.

13. It's a good habit to use "atuo delivery" delivery type in account service. But remember you cannot fill in any kind of fake account info like "text me/ chat with me/ .../ Contact me" . We may warn you or ban your store in the most serious coditions.