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Blade and Soul Article

Blade and Soul players are preparing to face new enemies in the latest content update. False Idols will be available starting on July 25th. The update brings a game event and new end game content. The Fortune Falls event will have...

Nightfall Sanctuary Part II. The last part of the Nightfall Sanctuary raid is available. There are two more bosses to defeat. The Scorptamaton is a giant robotic scorpion that has sharp claws, a tail capable of dealing high damage,...

The producer of Blade and Soul, Jonathan Lien, outlined the plans for the game in 2018. The second half of the year is going to be just as busy as the first one. The game is known the have regular updates and content additions...

Two years have passed since Blade and Soul was released for the European and North American playerbase. The game came out in 2012 but it took four more years to make it available outside Japan and South Korea. This special occasion...

Blade and Soul players use the Wheel of Fate to acquire soul shields, weapons, and costumes. This is similar to a lottery feature. Players risk special tokens for a chance to get items from the above categories. The tokens used for...

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