• brawlers 78
  • rank 35
  • rank 30
  • maxed
  • star shelly
  • challenger colt
  • heroine bibi
  • cordelius
  • werewolf leon
  • corsair colt

About Brawl Stars Account

Brawl Stars is a Mobile TPS Shooter game developed by video game company Supercell. Although this game mainly tests the players' skills, there are still many players willing to purchase accounts. When you are looking for Brawl Stars accounts for sale, the things you should check first are skins, and trophies. But meanwhile the Brawl Stars Brawlers and Brawl Passes also need your attention. These factors are key in determining the value of a Brawl Stars account.

Skins: The skins are the key attraction to the players who love collecting. The Brawl Stars account for sale with long-awaited and rare skins usually has higher prices. Brawl Stars skins have 5 levels. They are called Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary skins. Nothing new. Mythic and Legendary skins can only be bought with Gems. The rarer the skin, the higher the value of the Brawl Stars accounts. Such as the Star Shelly. It was only available when the game was newly launched.

Brawlers: The number of the Brawlers of a Brawl Stars account represents your flexibility in the game. In different brawl stars gameplays, different brawlers have their own strengths. Brawl Stars accounts with more Brawlers unlocked will also save you time and energy. Brawlers are divided into the same five rarities as skins. This is quite unique for a MOBA game. But this also makes Brawl Star accounts with legendary Brawlers worth more. For example, Leon is a must-pick to every player.

Trophies: The ranking of a Brawl Stars account is based on the number of trophies on it. Trophies in Brawl Stars are equivalent to MMR or ladder ranking in other games. This is the main reference for players purchasing Brawl Stars account for a change of gaming environment.

Gems and Brawl Pass: Both Gems and Brawl Pass can be purchased with real money. Brawl Stars Gems, in particular, can be often used to purchase most items in the game. Includes skins and Brawl Stars Brawlers. Therefore, if the Brawl Stars accounts have these, they usually sell for a higher price.

Brawl Stars can be played on Android and IOS platforms. However, please note that crossplay is not possible on these two platforms. Please choose the correct platform when buying Brawl Stars accounts.

Why Buy Brawl Stars Accounts?

Players may purchase a BrawlStars account for a number of reasons.

Some players are going for the rare skins. These players may be avid collectors or have a favorite Brawler. Some of them joined the game late and missed out on limited skin events. While others may just be too unlucky to draw rare skins. Therefore, they unanimously choose to buy Brawl Stars account with the skins they want. After all, this method does not need to wait for the event and there is no randomness.

There are also players who are tired of the opponents they are currently matched with. They want to try a more intense or easier match. But intentionally losing matches to lose trophies may result in sanctions. At the same time, winning trophies requires real skills and time. So for these players, purchasing Brawl Stars account for sale is the best way. This method saves time and effort. And it will not affect your own account.

There are also players who want to start over. But they don't want to spend time unlocking Brawlers one by one. Therefore, purchasing a smurf account that has already unlocked Brawlers can save them a lot of time.

No matter why you buy Brawl Stars accounts, it is a great way to get ahead in the game. Buying a Brawl Stars account means receiving all progress made by the previous owner on the account. This means you can start playing right away with a Maxed Out Brawl Stars account. No need to spend time building up.

Where to buy Brawl Stars Accounts?

At U7BUY, we have a large collection of best Brawl Stars accounts for sale. You can find the accounts with nearly all rare Brawl Stars skins. These offers come from reliable sellers who have been doing this for years. So you can rest assured of their professionalism and service quality.

The old Brawl Stars accounts here are all at competitive prices. So that you elevate your Brawl Stars gaming experience within your budget.

Besides, our sellers will send you the Brawl Stars account immediately after your payment. Get ready to play the game right away!

Not only that, we also provide customers with multiple payment methods to make your shopping experience as fluent as possible. These payment methods provide flexibility to global players. Best of all, your private information will always be protected.

As a complement, if you have issues purchasing a BS account, our 24/7 service team is ready to assist you.

Make U7BUY your go-to marketplace to buy Brawl Stars account. Enjoy affordable pricing and high-quality service at the best Brawl Stars shop!

How to buy Brawl Stars Account?

It's much simple to buy a Brawl Stars Account for sale on U7BUY. Just follow the steps below.

1. Log into your U7BUY account. Or register if you don't have one.

2. Select the platform you usually use.

3. Choose the Brawl Stars Accounts suitable for your needs, then click "Buy Now".

4. You can contact the seller to discuss the purchasing details.

5. Choose a payment method you prefer.

6. Complete the transaction and get the account from the seller.

U7BUY does not have affiliations or authorizations with the company to which this game belongs. U7BUY users promise that the source of the game assets is legal, the sold assets will not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, and the use of trademarks is subject to the constraints of the principle of reasonableness.

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