About Dead by Daylight Account for Sale

Although Dead by Daylight is a competitive game, players are still keen on trading DBD accounts. When you are shopping for Dead by Daylight accounts, here are some things you need to remember.

Dead by Daylight is a pay-to-play game. Therefore, even for a fresh Dead by Daylight account, the price will not be much different from the original price of the game. But Epic once gave away Dead by Daylight for free. So if you want to save some money you can look for Epic accounts. The good news is you don't need to worry about joining your friends because Dead by Daylight supports all platform crossplay.

The main factor that affects the value of a Dead by Daylight account for sale is the DLCs. There are 33 DLCs now and most of them contain playable killers and survivors. Therefore, the more DLCs a DBD account has, the more content you can enjoy.

Moreover, some of the limited cosmetic items also have high values and are worth buying a Dead by Daylight account for it. For example, legacy items are given to players with high participation to thank their support to the game. And they are no longer available in the game. The only way to get them is to buy a DBD legacy account.

In Dead by Daylight, the gaming hours give you no more than experience and skills. So the progress of Dead by Daylight accounts isn't worth much. But by leveling your player level, you can get Iridescent Shards as rewards. The Iridescent Shards can be used to unlock some of the killers and survivors. But this will take you hundreds of hours to do that. So if possible, it is recommended that you purchase a high Devotion level DBD account.

Reason to Buy DBD accounts

Like other competitive games, there are always players who buy accounts for a change of gaming environment. Some of them are seeking an easier gaming experience and others are eager to prove themselves in fierce confrontations. You may argue that this will affect the gaming experience of other players. But don't worry. They will get back to the ranks they belong to eventually.

As we said, there are some limited cosmetics in Dead by Daylight. For example, there are DBD Attack on Titan skins. Some of the limited skins still have a chance to be obtained as long as the event comes back. But items like Legacy skins are definitely no longer available. If you still want to try the Legacy skins, the only option is to buy a DBD legacy account.

There are many killers and survivors that need to be unlocked in Dead by Daylight. They can be unlocked by purchasing the corresponding DLCs. But if your budget is limited, you can try to play as many matches as you can. Then you can unlock them with the rewarded Iridescent Shards. But some players not only have limited budgets, but also have little time to play games. In this case, buying a DBD account with a high Devotion level is a viable choice. So that you don't need to buy the DLCs or grind for Iridescent Shards.

There are also rare cases where players can't get the game on their own account. In this case, they have to buy Dead by Daylight accounts.

Where to Buy Dead by Daylight Accounts?

You need to find a reliable platform if you are going to buy DBD accounts. And U7BUY is just the place you are looking for. You can find a large collection of cheap Dead by Daylight accounts here. So you can try out the popular asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game with less spending.

Not only that, the service quality of U7BUY is also top-notch. You can get the DBD account you buy immediately after the payment.

Sometimes we may encounter some small issues when shopping online. But that won't be a problem at U7BUY. Because the online support team can help you at any time.

U7BUY also provides various popular payment methods. This is to facilitate global players. You can always find a suitable payment method here no matter where you are. Not to mention that the verified payment methods can also protect your information and transaction safety.

So why wait? Place your DBD account orders now and elevate your Dead by Daylight gaming experience.

How to Buy Dead by Daylight Account?

Please follow the next steps to buy DBD accounts for sale on U7BUY:

1. Log into your U7BUY account or register a new one if you don't have it.

2. Select your platform.

3. Choose the Dead by Daylight accounts suitable for your needs, then click "Buy Now".

4. You can contact the seller to discuss the purchasing details.

5. Choose a payment method you prefer.

6. Complete the transaction and get your DBD account for sale from the seller.

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