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Diablo 4 - Brief Introduction

As the fourth installment in the Diablo series developed and released by the official, Diablo IV has met its loyal fans in its DIABLO Universe. In this action role-playing game, players will choose their class, including Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer, fight alone or online with others across the globe, and vanish evil in the continuation of the story following the previous three games. Players must develop their characters, investing much time and patience in upgrading to a higher level, equipping new gears, and repeating the same actions to advance through the game faster.
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Barbarian – the Born Leader of Fighting

Following the previous custom, Barbarian in Diablo 4 is still the melee and main tank character with quantities of physical damage. Their Arsenal System allows them to equip up to four weapons at the same time. If you are in favor of handling or leading the fight and enjoy leaping down and smashing opponents with strong visceral effects, Barbarian is agreeing with you, for their best control of battle and resilient fighting style.

  • High physical damage output
  • Good survivability
  • Diverse melee styles
  • Huge arsenal skills
  • Low movement speed
  • Requirement of adept control skills
  • Vulnerable under AOE

Everyone Loves Druid

As the hybrid of physical, magic and melee class, Druid can shapeshift into Werebear or Werewolf or dealing magic damage by Earth or Storm based skills. Spirit Boons is the unique mechanic of Druid, which will be active at level 15 by complete the quest named “Spirits of the Lost Grove”. Players can encounter four Spirits including Deer, Eagle, Snake, and Wolf. Each of those provides a Boon selected from four (the bond Spirit allows you to choose an additional Boon). Druid should unlock chosen Boons by Druidic Spirit Offerings dropped from monsters. The activated Boons can be switched at any time, even in combat.


Necromancer – the Always Fan-favorite for Diablo Fans

Necromancer has been so popular since the second installment, for they can summon and control undead minions. Thus, Necromancer players can act as the commander of an undeath army to crush demons, which gives another option of playstyle to explore the Diablo Universe.

Necromancer can customize the build of both the character itself, and their summons, thanks to the unique class mechanic named The Book of the Dead. Meanwhile, it also allows them to sacrifice a summon in exchange for a permanent buff.


Rogue – Melee and Ranged Physical Attacker

Rogue is an excellent choice for those who want to play the role of high-damage class physically. Just be aware of that, with dealing lots of damage, Rogues are also very squishy, so they need to be incredibly careful not to get too much hit. Otherwise, they will go down quicker than imagination.

Rogues in Diablo 4 also have a unique mechanic named Specializations. It gives three options of playstyles: Combo Points, Inner Sight, and Shadow Realm.

Combo Points: Generated during the basic attack and used to enhance certain skills. Deadly Strike, for example, can deal more damage when used with more Combo Points (up to 5).

Inner Sight: Attacking marked enemies will generate unlimited Energy, which allowed Rogues to use skills more often.

Shadow Realm: In the teleported Shadow Realm, Rogues will deal additional damage of 50%, which is to tack down bosses with difficulty or escape from danger.


Sorcerer – Element Magic Master

Like in many MMORPGs, Sorcerer in Diablo 4 specializes in dealing with magic damage of elements – Fire, Ice, and Lightning. They are also regarded as "Glass Cannons" as they cannot take too many hits. However, Sorcerers have better survivability than Rogue, for their elemental skills boost their defense or mobility.

Enchantment System: under this classes’ unique mechanic, Sorcerer can add a passive effect to two skills. These effects are varied but immensely powerful. Players can diversify their playstyle with different combinations.

To read more information about Diablo 4, refer to U7BUY Blog.

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