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Fanatics, the Marketplace for Fanatics

Fanatics is an online marketplace and manufacturer that makes and sells licensed sportswear and other stuff for fans who actually play the sport or just sit on the sofa and eat potato chips. They sell sportswear for all the main American sports leagues including MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, Formula 1, WWE, NPB, and also other famous leagues in other places of the world like La Liga and Premier League. This is a rare level of inclusiveness for an American company.

What is a Fanatics Gift Card?

A Fanatics gift card is a prepaid digital card like all the other gift cards on our website that are more of a code than a card. There is money in it. So you can use the Fanatics e gift card as cash when you check out at Fanatics.
If there is still money in the gift card after you checkout, then the money remains in it. So be sure to remember that you still have a Fanatics gift card before you lose interest in the game. I believe in you that you have better memorize than me. 
In case you forgot how much is left in the card, you can check your Fanatics gift card balance at
Unfortunately, you can't top up the Fanatics gift card to your account. The good thing is that the Fanatics gift cards don't expire and you can use up to 10 gift cards in 1 order. The bad thing is redeeming 10 cards at check out is quite a work.

What Can You Buy with Fanatics Gift Cards?

When you see this text you may wonder what a silly question. What else can a Fanatic gift card buy rather than products on Fanatics? You are right!
Fanatics gift cards are a perfect way to show your passion and love to your favorite teams and players. Fanatics sells officially licensed sportswear and gear for all the main sports leagues in the world. If you insist they didn't include all the leagues then you are right. You can check out other virtual gift cards here to see if there are other cards that can meet your needs.
Not only can you use the Fanatics gift card to buy your favorite team's uniforms, but you can also buy sporting goods, outdoor products, etc. related to your home team. Dress yourself in your home team's colors with Fanatics gift cards. Or buy a ball with their logo on it so you can lock it in your showcase and never play it like a ball.
In addition to sports-related products, Fanatics has expanded the concept of fan gear to e-sports and pop culture. You can also buy peripheral products of your favorite bands, anime, and games on Fanatics.

Where to Buy Fanatics Gift Card?

A fanatic fan looking for outfits to express your love for your sports star? Or a warm friend who is seeking a perfect gift for his fan friend? You are right at the place you should be! Check out the Fanatics discount gift card here with favorable prices and add one more splash of color to the team you support at the stadium.

How to Use Fanatics Gift Card?

It's simple to redeem a Fanatics Gift Card:
1. Go to Fanatics and pick the items you want.
2. Proceed through the checkout process.
3. Click the Gift Card/eGift Card field on the payment page.
4. Enter your Fanatics Gift Card number and click on Apply.
5. Enter your unique PIN code. Skip this step if it's not required.
6. Click Apply and then you will see your Gift Card amount deducted from your merchandise total.

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