About Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Gil is the main type of currency in all Final Fantasy series games, and it is commonly referred to as gold. It is also the main form of currency in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), the FFXIV Gil is very important in the game and is earned throughout the game to buy everything from FFXIV items, weapons, mounts, and more, and it can even be used in some abilities, such as Gil toss.

When the Sixth Umbral Calamity struck, its landscape was destroyed and their nations were destroyed. This past civilization lost its value and their currencies were also abandoned. As time went by, the older currencies of Mhach and Amdapor became limited to use in the Sixth Astral Era. Lastly, the leaders of Eorzea's six largest city-states met and decided to create a common currency-Gil, and this is the origin of Gil.

And how to make Gil in FFXIV? Final Fantasy XIV players can get gil in various ways. First, after killing monsters, players can get a great deal of Gil, and killing the high-level monsters can get more Gil than killing lower-level monsters. Second, by crafting and collecting materials. FFXIV professional crafting players can farm Gil by selling the items they make, and other players can also get Gil by collecting material that the crafter needs. Third, players in Final Fantasy XIV can get Gil through trading in the Market Board with other players. By flipping in Market Board, players can get to know the prices of the equipment and weapons they want to buy or sell, and they can gain Gil by selling the items. Fourth, by doing missions and quests, players can get FF 14 Gil from NPCs. We can see all of these ways are very tedious and time-consuming, so many FFXIV players choose to buy FFXIV Gil.

What Can You Do with FFXIV Gil?

FFXIV Gil is necessary in the game because players find it hard to move even an inch in FFXIV without it, a certain amount of FFXIV Gil can achieve their dreams in Final Fantasy XIV easily.

Equipment, weapons, armor, and consumables need to consume FFXIV Gil, nearly all FFXIV items shown in the game shop can be bought with Gil. Some items like mounts are extremely popular in the game. We can see many sorts of mounts in Final Fantasy XIV Online and players can buy them with FF14 Gil when they reach rank four reputation with original tribes.

Pay for repairs: During combat, your equipment may be damaged and require repairs. Use FFXIV Gil to pay for repairs to maintain the performance and durability of your equipment.

Rental housing: In the game, you can rent housing to serve as your personal or guild base. Renting housing requires paying a certain amount of Gil as rent.

For trades and auctions: You can use FFXIV Gil to participate in the in-game trades and auction houses, buy items sold by other players, or sell your items to other players.

Buying glamour. FF14 holds a large collection of glamours. Players can use glamour to decorate and beautify their characters. By transforming the appearance of the gear into the appearance of other gear, players can gain so much fun.

Why You Should Buy FF14 Gil at U7BUY?

Just like many MMO games, you can not run away from the conventional method of farming FF14 Gil is a time-consuming and monotonous process that demands significant time investment and mastery of various tasks and methods to get a reasonable amount of Gil, so it is recommended you buy FFXIV Gil instead of consuming time.

Unlike the unpredictable FFXIV Gil token system and ever-changing FF14 market board prices, U7BUY empowers players to have complete control over the cost of their FFXIV gold. You can buy Fil FFXIV from a variety of deals and offers, while sellers decide how much to charge.

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How to Buy FFXIV Gil On U7BUY?

Purchasing FF14 gold from U7BUY is a straightforward process:

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