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Fortnite Will Have Its Own Version of Monopoly


Fortnite has proposed to transcend the limits of video games to become a global popular phenomenon. And boy, is he getting it? At the level of merchandising and products outside the title, is a machine to achieve success. His last creation: a Monopoly special edition of Fortnite.
The news, which had been rumored in recent weeks, was confirmed on Twitter by Donald Mustard, creative director of Epic Games. The game will go on sale on October 1 and will change its mechanics to recreate as accurately as possible Fortnite games on a board.
How will Fortnite Monopoly be played?
The goal of Fortnite's Monopoly is to finish the game by being the last player standing on the entire board. For this, each participant will have a certain number of points of life. The throwing of the dice will determine the action that we will have to perform: from using bandages, a shield potion or any of the usual objects of Fortnite, until eliminating an opponent.
All the elements that have made Fortnite a true phenomenon in video games will be present in its Monopoly version. Including the Storm. How? In certain squares of the board, in which, if we fall in them, we will lose points of life.
Some of the most emblematic skins of Fortnite will also have a place, being the pieces with which the players will move around the board. The most popular areas of the map will also be represented. Everything, in order to give the lovers of the popular videogame the Monopoly a board game at the height of the success of PC and consoles.
At the moment, it has not transcended the sale price at which the game will be released, although it is estimated that it will approach 35 dollars (about 27 euros at the exchange rate). If the community of faithful lovers of Fortnite give it as good reception as they have done with all the inventions of Epic Games aimed at extending the universe of this battle royale, success seems to be assured.

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