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2000K Account PS4
USD $ 2000.00
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2500K Account PS4
USD $ 2500.00
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3000K Account PS4
USD $ 3000.00
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4000K Account PS4
USD $ 4000.00
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5000K Account PS4
USD $ 5000.00
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6000K Account PS4
USD $ 6000.00
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7000K Account PS4
USD $ 7000.00
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8000K Account PS4
USD $ 8000.00
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9000K Account PS4
USD $ 9000.00
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10000K Account PS4
USD $ 10000.00
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15000K Account PS4
USD $ 15000.00
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20000K Account PS4
USD $ 20000.00

How Can You Buy FUT Accounts with Web App Unlocked?

New FUT 21 accounts are helpful if you lost your web app access to your old account. If you don’t want to miss the campaign and packs, you’ll need a FUT account with an unlocked Web App.
The process of FUT 21 account buying is rather simple: just choose an account product, click “BUY”, then leave a valid email on the new page, choose a payment method and click “SECURE PAYMENT”;
We’ll send the account login information to the email you fill in. So please make sure the email you enter is valid, otherwise, you won’t be able to receive the account. You can send an email to [email protected] or message WhatsApp: +86 13042498011 if there’s anything wrong with your order.

With FUT 21 account, you will no longer need to farming coins so hard. Once you buy it, the account would be yours forever. You can do anything you want with it. So stop grinding the coins and buy FUT 21 account at U7BUY!

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account