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Madden NFL 18 Article

Nintendo Labo came to surprise us all. Proof of this are the millions of visualizations that his presentation obtained on YouTube. It is clear that Nintendo always presents us with new possibilities and ways to play. He presented...

It's been a couple of months since Madden NFL 18 was put on sale. These months have served us to evaluate it in every aspect (in its playable aspect, in its graphic aspect, in its re-playable aspect, in its historical aspect and in...

To celebrate the full PC launch, H1Z1 held a special giveaway with two unique prizes. They are called unique legendary items. Only two of them are available and only two players will manage to acquire them. The items are the...

The strategy is essential to achieve the long-awaited Super Bowl trophy, so when you are on the field, you need to be the brightest mind in football, this is achieved with patience and preparation. Click here for more about Madden...

The NBA 2K18 community is excited about the upcoming NBA 2K League event. Announced in 2017 and planned to start in 2018, the league brings together e-sports and NBA. The tryouts have already ended, a new qualification stage is...

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