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About Metal Slug Awakening Top Up

Metal Slug: Awakening is a free-to-play run-and-gun mobile game developed by Tencent. It's based on the classic arcade video game Metal Slug. The premium currency in Metal Slug Awakening is Ruby. Players can use Metal Slug Awakening Rubies to purchase items and weapons or upgrade the ability and stats of the characters.
As the premium currency, the only way to get Rubies is to top up Metal Slug Awakening with real money. Except from the in-game store, players can also buy Metal Slug Awakening top up services from the online trading platform.
Although the price of the Metal Slug Awakening Rubies on the online trading platforms may not be cheaper than the in-game store. But for the players who don't have the required payment methods to top up Metal Slug Awakening in-game, online trading platforms are the best alternative.

The Best Trading Platform to Top Up Metal Slug Awakening Ruby

To top up Metal Slug Awakening, look no further than U7BUY. U7BUY is an online trading platform providing a wide range of virtual products and services.
The most compelling reason for players to choose U7BUY is the affordable prices of Metal Slug Awakening top up services. You can top up Metal Slug Awakening here without worrying about breaking the bank.
U7BUY also provides fast delivery speed to all top up services. You will get the Metal Slug Awakening Ruby you purchased right after your payment is complete. So that you can immerse yourself in the game without unnecessary delay.
Not only that, the online customer service at U7BUY is available 24/7. Feel free to reach out to the support team no matter what problems you have.
U7BUY is the best online trading platform for Metal Slug Awakening top up services. Place your orders at U7BUY to top up Metal Slug Awakening Ruby and enhance your gaming experience.

How to Top Up Metal Slug Awakening Ruby on U7BUY?

1.Log in to your U7BUY account. If you don’t have an account, please register one.
2.Select the denomination of Metal Slug Awakening Ruby.
3.Enter your role ID.
4.Select your payment method and make payment.
5.Once the payment is completed, the Metal Slug Awakening Ruby will be recharged to your account soon.

How to Find Your Metal Slug Awakening Role ID?

1.Log into the game with your account.
2.Tap on your avatar in the top right corner.
3.You role ID will be displayed in the Personal Info section.
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90.28 USD
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