What are New World Coins?

New world's economic system is purely player-driven. Players are not only warriors fighting evil but also cook, blacksmith, carpenter, etc. New World Coin is the main currency for players to trade with each other, which can be used to buy many useful items, including weapons, armor, potions, furniture, food, etc. It plays an extremely important role in the game and is a must for every player who pursues great achievements. Although you can always buy New World Coins from online platforms like U7BUY, we still listed the ways to farm coins in New World.

●Completing Quests - The most simple and straightforward way to earn New World coins is to complete the main campaign and side quests. You will be rewarded coins and experience, which is the most suitable way for new beginners.

●Crafting - It's like being an artisan in real life. You craft stuff with your professed skills and exchange for New World gold or products from players with different professions. But it's hard to make a profit before you grind your crafting skill high enough.

●Stonecutting - Players will need a huge amount of gems every time after an update. It's a good opportunity to gain money.

●Gathering Resources - No matter what skill a player professes. Materials are definitely needed. It's worth noticing that this could be a boring way to earn coins and sometimes there are few profits depending on the economy of your server.

●Selling Loot - When you travel through Aeternum, you will encounter countless mobs. Killing and selling the loot is a steady source of coins but don't expect any large income from this way.

●New World Marketplace - Buy low and sell high is the most relaxed way to earn coins. But only if you have the luck and opportunity to find a good bargain.

Why You Need to Buy New World Coins?

Game developers can always come up with all kinds of tricks in order to increase the online time of the game and the number of online players. For example, forcing players to farm resources and currencies. It's the same situation in New World where players struggle in farming New World Coins and materials. It's even worse here because Aeternum is an island without mounts and has a charged fast travel system.

Whether immersion in the game is a kind of enjoyment depends on whether the content of the game is rich and interesting, which obviously does not include farming, especially since each of us has something more precious than games in our lives that we need to care about. 

Here we offer you a perfect solution, buying New World coins from online marketplaces like U7BUY. This method will save you time significantly and free you from tedious farming activities. With this fast and stable source of New World coins for sale, you can enjoy a smooth game experience without affecting your real life. Buying New World coins from a reliable platform also means a cost-effective price and fast delivery time from the experience and resources of the platform.

Why You Should Buy New World Coins from U7BUY?

We all know that endless farming is a great way to ruin a perfectly good sense of immersion. But there's a better way to get safe New World Coins - you can buy them from U7BUY! You can get cheaper and faster in-game currency here and enjoy endless gaming possibilities in New World.

U7BUY provides New World Coins at very competitive prices in various denominations from safe resources. This is actually the best way to get New World coins without farming them and wasting your precious time and energy.

To ensure you an easy shopping experience, we deliver orders with high efficiency and you will be enjoying your game in a very short time after you place your order.

In case you encounter any problems in purchasing New World coins, our 24/7 customer service team is dedicated to providing you with support and solutions.

How to Buy New World Coins?

Here are the steps to buy New World Coins:

1. Log into your U7BUY account, if you don't have one, please register first.

2. Select your region and server.

3. Choose the amount of currency you want, and click "Buy Now".

4. Provide your gaming information and check out.

5. Choose a payment method to complete the order.

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