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Celebrate The Holidays With The FUT 22 Winter Wildcards Program

time 2022-01-06 11:39

Enjoy the winter holidays with cheap FUT 22 coins from U7Buy! The cold season has arrived and what better way to celebrate it than with the new FUT 22 Winter Wildcards program. The campaign features a selection of item cards that will receive boosts. The Winter Wildcard items obtain permanent upgrades that are inspired by past, current, and future player boosts. The items are obtained as premium cards. Visit U7Buy for the best FUT 22 coins prices!


What to Do During the FUT 22 Winter Wildcards Program


Players start by collecting the featured items. These are found in packs that are bought from the store. The first selection is called Team 1. It includes 15 player cards. Neymar Jr., Pogba, and Embarba are some of the players that are part of Team 1. This selection is available for a limited period of time. When Winter Wildcards phase 2 begins, Team 2 will replace Team 1. Team 2 will feature a new selection of items. Let's check out the program activities. We have the Wildcard Swaps event. While the winter campaign is active, players will earn Wildcard tokens. Twenty-four tokens are available. You can earn them from usual in-game activities such as Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. There will be one extra token that comes from a store pack. These tokens will be transformed into prizes. You can use them starting with December 26th. They are usable for a limited time, so make sure to swap them before January 14th. These are the rewards that can be obtained with tokens. Keep in mind that each reward can be claimed only once. The most expensive reward costs 15 tokens. It is a pack that contains ten player items with 85+ OVR. For 12 tokens, you can obtain Patson Daka's card. If you have eight tokens to spare, consider getting Christian Gunter. Both these player items are part of the Winter Wildcards selection. An Ultimate pack costs five tokens. You can get Icon home and away kits for five tokens. A pack with 10 player cards with 81-89 OVR costs three tokens. For two tokens, you can buy a rare players pack. All these rewards cannot be traded. Don't forget about the Next Generation promo. You get one of the six Next Generation representatives if you are an active player between December 15th and January 14th. The new Team of the Week 14 is out as well.

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