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About OSN

OSN, full name Orbit Showtime Network is a Dubai-based entertainment company that broadcasts to 24 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). OSN was formed in 2009 by the merger of the two largest subscription TV networks in the region, namely Orbit and Showtime Arabia. OSN offers a variety of content, including blockbuster movies, sports events, lifestyle programming, series, HBO, and Paramount+, as well as a collection of Arabic content. 
OSN+ is their subscription-based streaming service. OSN+ features include:
●KIDS mode: A safe mode for children of all ages
●Talk shows and reality TV: A selection of Western lifestyle talk shows and reality TV
●Profiles: Up to five individual profiles for family and friends
●Recommendations: Personalized recommendations
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Why You Should Buy OSN Subscription from U7BUY?

If you're a cost-conscious consumer, we highly recommend purchasing gift cards and redeem codes through U7BUY instead of directly recharging. U7BUY offers competitive prices on OSN plus subscription, ensuring cost-effectiveness. In addition to saving money, gift cards offer more flexibility compared to in-app recharging. You can choose to redeem it for yourself or gift it to friends or family. Moreover, the gift card can be used at any time and on any account. U7BUY also provides fast delivery services and round-the-clock online customer support, guaranteeing a seamless shopping experience. Choose U7BUY for an affordable OSN subscription and exceptional service.

How to Redeem OSN+ Subscription?

Different users have different steps to redeem OSN Plus subscription. But first, you need to find the activation code from the paid orders of your U7BUY account and open your OSN app.
If you are a new customer:
1. Start the registration process
2. On the Set Up Your Payment page you will see a field to enter an activation code
3. Enter the activation code
4. Click "Apply"
5. Complete Registration
If you are a returning customer without an active subscription:
1. Enter settings
2. Click Manage Subscriptions
3. Click Add Coupon
4. Enter the activation code
5. Click Submit

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