About Ravendawn Silver

Ravendawn is a free MMORPG, and players can conquer and build any spot in the world of the vast Ravendawn landscape. You can build your empire with in-game resources, whether in the middle of a dense forest, along the ocean’s sandy coast, or on top of a desolate mountain. You can even join forces with other adventurers and set locations of islands for your new alliance. Simply live in a log cabin, or build a huge mansion, it's all your choice.

Ravendawn silver is the primary currency in Ravendawn. It is essential in the game and is earned throughout the game to buy items and equipment like Ravendawn equipment and RavenCards. It can also be used to buy consumables and even services from NPCs. In most activities and transactions, silver is the main currency. In Ravendawn, Players can obtain silver in many ways, like completing quests, killing enemies, selling items, and trading with other players.

Types of equipment in Ravendawn can be divided into three kinds: armors, two-handed weapons, and one-handed weapons. Armors are equipment like plates, leather, cloth, amulets, rings, and trinkets. Two-handed weapons in Ravendawn are mainly greataxes, greatswords, hammers, light blades, staves and bows. And one-handed weapons are axes, swords, clubs, daggers, sceptres, bulkler shields, and tower shields. Each weapon has its skills, tier, and base attack. Ravendawn silver allows us to get better weapons. So, buy Ravendawn silver and enjoy the pleasure of conquerng and building!

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