Elder Scroll Online – Las Vegas Expansion Reveal Event time 01/29/2020

Are you wondering what the next Elder Scroll Online adventure is going to be? We've already seen that it will take place in the beloved province of Skyrim. That's all we know so far but only a few weeks sit between us and more details. The full revea...

Elder Scroll Online – Elsweyr Travel Guide time 06/20/2019

Elder Scroll Online latest expansion is called Elsweyr. The eponymous zone added with the expansion gives players the chance to discover the homeland of the Khajiit. This is for the first time in elder scrolls history when players can set...

Elder Scroll Online – Introducing the Necromancer time 05/16/2019

elder scroll Online class roster is getting bigger with the release of the Elsweyr expansion. This premium content addition is coming on June 4th. A new class is among the features of this new expansion. Players will be able to become Nec...

Elder Scroll Online – Elder Scrolls Anniversary Event time 04/07/2019

Elder Scroll Online is an MMORPG based on elder scrolls game series. In 2019, TES franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary. Whether they are Elder Scrolls veterans or not, all Elder Scroll Online players are invited to take part in the ...

Elder Scroll Online – Undaunted Pledges time 03/22/2019

Undaunted pledges are an Elder Scroll Online feature that rewards players for adventuring into dungeons. This feature becomes available once a character attains level 45 which you can reach fast with cheap Elder Scroll Online boosting ser...

Elder Scroll Online – Spindleclutch I Veteran Hard Mode Boss Tactics time 03/18/2019

Spindlekin. The first boss won't give Elder Scroll Online players too much trouble. It's an easy fight. The boss summons some adds. It's up to each group to decide whether to take down the adds first or to focus attacks on the boss. Spind...

Elder Scroll Online – Celebrate Heart's Day 2019 and Get a Pink Pearl Pig Pet time 02/16/2019

Heart's Day is an Elder Scroll Online event that honors Valentine's Day. During this event, Tamriel dons special decorations and players have the chance to take part in some unique activities. They also have the chance to get a unique pe...

Elder Scroll Online - Season of the Dragon time 02/07/2019

January 2019 marks the beginning of the Season of the Dragon in Elder Scroll Online. The season will last one year. A new expansion, three DLCs, and a significant patch are part of the season. The first feature of the Season of the Dragon...

Elder Scroll Online – How to Upgrade the Nascent Indrik Mount time 01/24/2019

Nascent Indrik is an Elder Scroll Online mount that is acquired in exchange for feathers. These feathers are acquired in exchange for tickets that can be earned during events. Players that have acquired the mount in 2018 have the chance t...

Elder Scroll Online – New Life Festival Returns in 2018 time 12/30/2018

Celebrate the winter vacation and the end of the year in Elder Scroll Online with the 2018 edition of the New Life Festival. This event is returning with new prizes and collectible items. It's a great time to level up, to collect unique i...

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