FUT 16 -TOTW time 09/01/2016

Similarly, ES sports will released a list for the best players, including their position and national, the list is called TOTW. The newest result for TOTW has released. I will share now.  Starting XI GK: Orestis Karnezis – Udin...

The Keywords of Euro 2016 – Tears(VI) time 08/01/2016

If you are a fan of football, you must know 2 superstars, the Messi and the CR7. Messi we have introduced to you in the last article. For this article, we will introduce the another superstar, CR7. The keywords for CR7 is maybe you should...

The Keywords of Euro 2016 – Tears(IV) time 07/28/2016

In the Euro 2016, we do not only remember the champion and the loser of the match. We also should remember the tears of the DarioSrna, the Croatia Captain, whose father is died during the period of the Euro 2016.  The DarioSrna ...

FUT 16 TOTW 46 time 07/28/2016

FUT 16 TOTW 46 is online now and will be available from 6 PM 27th July (UK) to 6PM 3rd August (UK) . We could see Oribe Peralta , Chris Tierney, and many others this time. Join TOTW now if you are interested. Also, u7buy prepared full stoc...

Game Released List for July 27 time 07/26/2016

There are many games to be released for everday, and today we will introduce the game released list for July 27. And the game we will introduce the SpiritSphere to you . SpiritSphere is a competitive local games for the multiplayer,...

The FUTTIES Of FUT16 time 07/26/2016

The FUTTIES which is back from 22th to 29th July is totally a fan-driven event. Everyone could vote for his favorite player across 11 categories. Also winners have a chance to win pink-colored item with boosted stats. There are 11 players ...

FUT17 New Game Mode- FUT Champions time 07/25/2016

FUT 17 will be released soon, more and more features will be confirmed by EA Sports. A new game mode of FUT 17 named FUT Champions will be added in the new feature. It is a competition including daily cups, weekly finals, monthly finals an...

The Keywords of 2016 Euros – Tears(I) time 07/23/2016

For 2016 Franch Euros, the Portugal win the trophy that is most fans do not believe, but the true is really done, the Champions is the portugal. For this summer, it is hottest, as we have the euros, and there are many exciting games and m...

Reus – FUT 17 Cover Star time 07/22/2016

Reus, who is a Germany football player, is coming from Borussia Dortmund. He is voted as the star of FUT 17 cover, and he is ahead of James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard and Anthony Martial to be the first one as the voting. And now the Reus has...

Lovely! CR7 Donated for Cancer Children time 07/22/2016

In the 2016 Euros, Portugal beats Franch 1:0 to get the Euros Trophy. After the match, the Real Marid star CR7 is on holiday with his family, but he recently done a heartwarning thing, he donated his all rewards in the Euros got  to ...

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