Promote U7BUY via Referral Links
All U7BUY member can join in this programme. All U7BUY products are available for promotion.
  • Earn Commissions from purchases of new users made through your promo links.
  • Commission: 10% Sales of FC 24 Coins/Players , 3% Sales of non-FIFA products.
  • Global payment methods supported : Paypal, Bank Transfer, Skrill, etc.
Referral Links
Promote U7BUY as an Influncer
Suitable for content creators on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms.
  • Generous fixed monthly payment
  • Regular salary increase
  • Bonuses like Free coins and large coupons
  • and more..
How to Start
All U7BUY member can be a part of affiliate programme.
Submit your application form, You will receive approval email within 3 working days.
Earn money now!

1. Prohibitions

Our affiliate program explicitly prohibits sellers from registering for promotion.
Our affiliate program explicitly prohibits one user from registering multiple affiliate accounts.If such behaviors have been detected through the system, we will suspend your affiliate rights.
Our affiliate program expressly prohibits CPC advertising behavior from obtaining traffic and orders, and will not pay corresponding fees for this part. If such behaviors have been detected through the system, we will suspend your affiliate rights.
We prohibit putting malicious programs on our website or sending spam or junk emails which include U7BUY's link in those emails. Those actions are not allowed on the U7BUY affiliate program. It will diminish U7BUY's reputation. If we find you are responsible for those behaviors, we will strip you of your membership for life.
Your Platform and all such Information made available on or through your Platform will not infringe the rights, including without limitation the Intellectual Property Rights, of any third party. You must have express permission to use any third party’s copyrighted Information, whether it be text, an image, or any other copyrightable work; and your Platform is operated in a lawful manner.

2. How does U7BUY Affiliate work?

You can create your own referal link after becoming an affiliate partner on U7BUY website. You will make money if a new user clicks on your referal link, registers, and makes a purchase through it. Additionally, you will receive commission on every purchase that users who sign up through your reflink make.
Commission: 10% Sales of FC 24 Coins/Players, 3% Sales of non-FIFA products.

3. How to become an affiliate

1. Register a U7BUY account. If you already have a U7BUY account, log in to U7BUY.
2. View affiliate, click "make money" to fill in the form and apply to become an affiliate member of U7BUY.
3. Fill in your social media channel information, contact information, and payment method and wait for review by our staff. (In order to pass the review, you must fill in the social media platform you want to promote us on and the corresponding link.) It takes our staffs at most 3 working days to pass your review.
4. Pass the review - log in to your U7BUY account, click affiliate, and apply for your sharing link (each person can apply for up to 5 links, you can choose the product suitable for your channel's promotion).
5. Failure to pass the review - Based on the reasons reported by our staff, revise and submit again.
6. Successfully obtain the link. Copy the link and share it on your social media channel. Start promotion and earn commissions!

4. How to promote U7BUY

1. Apply to become an affiliate;
2. Become an official affiliate after passing the review and get an exclusive link in your personal center;
3. Put the exclusive link on your social media platform and introduce U7BUY in your videos/shorts/posts.... If you need a banner(promotional content), you can contact us :[email protected].

5. Advantages of cooperation with U7BUY

U7BUY provides your audience with the cheapest game services and the most complete protection. Our website covers multiple languages, global game services with a large user base, there are many opportunities to obtain commissions.
By cooperating with Referral Links, you can see every order placed from your link in your U7BUY account, and you can withdraw cash on your own. Start earning commissions from now on!
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