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Elder Scrolls Online Article

To celebrate four years since Elder Scrolls Online was released, the developers have created an in-game anniversary event. Players start by claiming the free item from the Crown Store. The Elder Scrolls Online item is called...

The next Elder Scrolls Online expansion has been announced. It is called Summerset and it's available starting May 21. Pre-orders have already begun. A new continent will be added to the game. It's the area that is home to the High...

Shotguns. This is a primary type of CS: GO weapons. Shotguns deal a great amount of damage when used in short range. For long range, these weapons are not really that great so players don't use them unless they got no other choice....

Mor Khazgur. As the name suggests, this Elder Scrolls Online PvP map is of Orcish origin. The location of the stronghold is none other than Wrothgar, the land of the Orcs. Many have fought to gain control over it. Each conqueror had...

H1Z1 has an event that makes matches even more exciting and interesting. Weapon Roulette is such an event. In a regular H1Z1 match, players are free to use whichever weapons they can get their hands on. Just like any other type of...

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