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Elder Scrolls Online Article

This is a great time to play Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG. The new Summerset expansion was just launched with new content for all types of players. There are new quests lines, an amazing new area, and a ton of activities for PvP and...

The DotA 2 Battle Pass grants players access to The International tournament but it's also a way to get access to special rewards and content. The Battle Pass is bought from Steam. It costs 10 euros. Those who get the pass can take...

Elder Scrolls Online adventurers are getting ready to face new dungeon challenges. Wolfhunter is a dungeon DLC that contains two new group dungeons. As the name implies, the DLC is themed based on the Wild Hunt and the Daedric...

Starting June 2018, CS: GO has a received an update which adds a new feature called panorama view or panoramic view. It's one of the most significant updates the game has received so far. Considering that it had the same view for...

H1Z1 developers are planning a series of updates for the PC version of the game. Season One is just about to end. The time between the end of the first season and the start of the second one is called off-season. Several updates are...

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