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Elder Scrolls Online Article

Summerset, the second Elder Scrolls Online expansion, is here. The expansion comes with new activities so here are some ideas on how to continue the Tamriel adventure. For starters, adventurers are invited to reach the new region...

Summerset expansion for Elder Scrolls Online is just around the corner. It brings, among many other features, a new 12-man trial called Cloudrest. The city is the home of the Welkynar. These are the four gryphon riders who protect...

Update 12 for PUBG was a major one. Several game features got attention. The weapons system is one of the features that was updated. This is part of the developers' uninterrupted efforts to provide balanced weapons. The damage for...

Starting May 22nd, those who are interested in a fast paced free to play battle royale game for PlayStation 4 have the chance to give H1Z1and u7buy a try. After becoming free to play a few months ago, the game is also coming to...

Event Mode is one of the newest PUBG features. This is a time limited activity that changes the way the game is played on regular basis. It's similar to Hearthstone's Tavern Brawl mode where each weekend comes with a new set of...

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