FUT 20 Coins

Q:FUT Console Only Account FAQ


1.    Q: Will the website retrieve the account ? Can I keep the account?

A: We wont take back the account. You can keep the account if you want to.

2.    Q: Whats the meaning of “Console Only” ?

A: “Console Only” means the account is ONLY available on console(PS4&Xbox one). The transfer market of the account is locked on WEB APP. You are NOT able to unlock the transfer market of the account on WEB APP.

3.    Q: Do I must transfer the coins out? Or can I just play on the account?

A: It depends on you whether to transfer the coins out or not. If you don’t want to transfer, then you can just spend the coins and play on the account.

4.    Q: How do I transfer the coins?

A: (1).Log your own account on FUT WEB APP, log this account on your console. 

(2). List Gold/Special players on your own account(make sure the buynow price of each player card is 50% of the Max Price).

(3).Search and buy your players on the purchased account.

(4).Repeat the process till all coins are transferred to your own account.

5. Q: Anything I need to know before I start to transfer the coins?

   A: (1).Due to EA`s strict policy about coins transfer, you need to make sure that you can transfer all coins out within 2Hours once you start. If you don’t have enough time, then Don’t start.

      (2). Please don’t use bronze or silver player to transfer, its NOT safe cuz EA will notice that.

      (3). You need to spend all coins immediately as soon as the transfer is finished.(to avoid being wiped by EA)

6. Q: Is the account safe?

   A: The account is 100% safe before you start using. Once you start using the account, we wont be able to take responsibility because of EA`s policy.

7. Q: Can I change the account information?

   A: Yes, you can change the account information as you wish after you confirm everything is fine with the account.

8. Q: What if I type in FUT security answer over 5 times incorrectly and the account got locked?

   A: FUT Security Answer are Case Sensitive, you should never try more than 2 times if it is wrong. If you try incorrect answer for over 5 times, the account will be locked. Please contact EA online customer service, here is the link: https://help.ea.com/en/fut/

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account