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Fifa 18 Guilty of the Elimination of Germany?


The historic elimination of Germany in the first phase of the World Cup still continues to sink deep into the Germans who are still searching for the cause of the greatest failure in their football history.
The Teutons came to Russia as the defenders of the title and as the top candidates to repeat the championship but barely managed to win, agonizingly, a game in Group F against Sweden and with just three points said goodbye to the World Cup.
Speculation in German newspapers
This is why some German media began to look for the reasons for this failure in a team as organized as the Löw, and seem to have found, according to German media one of the main causes of the elimination of Germany was the excessive use of the Playstation.
According to the newspapers Bild and Welt, the German players spent many hours of concentration immersed in video games, which meant that there was never a real group since they did not relate to each other, they only did it to challenge themselves in FIFA 18 of a fourth to another.
Even both media claim that the coaching staff had to ask to turn off the hotel's Wi-Fi so that the campus would stop playing and get more involved. "Many players withdrew in themselves ...” said Oliver Bierhoff, manager of the German team, and hinted that there was no connection between the players.
Our point of view
There are rumors and legends that are part of pop cultures, which, over time or become stronger or disappear. FIFA 18 has come to leave laughter, tears and much, but much controversy. Proof of this is the prediction about France winning the World Cup, as well as what happened with the German team. FIFA 19 will released soon, FIFA 19 Coins service will be available in the same time. Like u7buy to get more information and video game news.  

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