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What Are Division Rivals of FIFA 19


FIFA 19 comes with new mechanics for Ultimate Team, its most popular mode. The newest addition to this mode is Division Rivals. This is a new mode that is available within Ultimate Team. To understand Division Rivals is important to get acquainted with its three main features. 
Placement matches are the first one. To begin playing the new mode, players must first be part of a division. Players will start by taking part in five matches. The game system analyzes players' performance to determine the starting division. The role of placement matches is to create a competitive but fair environment where every player discovers an appropriate challenge. Players will advance to higher divisions as they progress through this mode. Each player has a skill rating. This attribute will determine the weekly division placement. Players will play matches against others from the same division. The skill rating can go up or down. It's obvious that players have to win matches to improve their skill rating. 
The increase or decrease also depends on the opponent's skill. If a player defeats an opponent with a higher rating, then the winner gets a bigger increase. This can, of course, go the other way around as well. The matchmaking system takes two things into consideration: rating and location. When a player looks for an opponent, the system looks for someone with a similar rating and close to player's location. Weekly competitions are the third feature. Players compete and get a weekly score and a rank. The rank determines the earned rewards. Players with better ranks have the option to choose between multiple rewards. They will be able to choose between coins or packs. FIFA 19 Coins can be spent on many things. They are the currency used at the transfer market. Packs contain football players and other items. Division Rivals can be enjoyed by those who play FIFA 19 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It's most likely that the update won't make it to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but it may be available in the future for Nintendo Switch. 

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