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FIFA Mobile - Introducing Pack Probabilities


The contents of FIFA Mobile packs are random. All players know this is how the game works. Items are random but they are from a certain set or theme. The name of the pack is a good indication of its contents. One of the latest additions to the game is the pack probabilities feature. Players are now able to see the probability of getting items from packs. 
To see what a pack may contain, players need to open the store screen first. When the button saying “more info” is tapped, a window displaying pack probabilities will appear. This shows the percentage of occurrence for each item contained in that pack. For example, the Premium Pack that costs 1,000 FIFA points has 100% chance of containing 70+ OVR players, 73% chance for 75+ OVR players, 26% chance for 80+ OVR players, and 3% chance for 83+ OVR players. Players will also notice a message saying that probabilities are bound to a pack and that they are calculated with a simulation. A hundred percent chance means that an item from that category will always drop. For the above example, the Premium Pack is guaranteed to contain a gold player with at least 70 rating but we don't know which player will drop. Players might be tempted to open more packs from the same type to increase their chances of getting certain items or get good players with cheap FIFA Mobile Coins. This is not how FIFA Mobile probabilities work. The displayed probabilities are for one pack. The process through which probabilities are calculated is unknown to us. We know that is a mathematical process and that it's validated by a simulation that opens lots of packs. Players will also notice a date at the bottom of the probabilities window. This is the date at which probabilities are accurate and valid. Content updates will interfere with the probabilities and that's why these are constantly calculated. This addition is extremely helpful as players can now see what rewards they can get when opening packs. 

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