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Inflict Damage to Opponents' Structures With Dynamite in Fortnite


Inflicts damage to the structures of the opponents with dynamite is one of the challenges of week 9 of season 6 of Fortnite, the penultimate before there is a new "cataclysm" that unleashes a new wave of changes in the game map. A challenge that also reminds one of the last week of the fourth season.
To complete this challenge inflicts damage to the structures of the opponents with dynamite, we must cause 5,000 damage in enemy constructions. There are many points, so it is likely that some of you are wondering how to complete the challenge quickly. And calm, that the answer is simple.
Temporary game modes or MTL are the best possible place to complete challenges of the type inflicting damage to opponents' enemies. Why? Well, because in both teams there will be good builders who will build all kinds of forts, protections and towers to try to kill the enemy, being the ideal breeding ground to overcome this challenge.
Inflict damage to opponents' structures with dynamite in Fortnite
The only "real" difficulty this challenge is finding dynamite. It is the new weapon that was introduced with the update on Tuesday, and although it abounds, depending on the area where you fall, there may not be much, or that they have already "rapped". Search in chests, for the dream ... because sooner or later you will find dynamite (in lots of 3 in 3).
Afterwards, it will be your turn to search for enemy structures. It does not matter if there are enemies nearby or that are constructions that the enemy has left behind: the only thing you have to do is to throw the dynamite at strategic sites, such as a construction with walls and roof to maximize the damage of the dynamite. Each broken wooden wall will be 100 points less on the challenge marker.
You can find enemy constructions throughout the map, but there is usually more influx in the final phases of the game, when the circle in which we are safe is relatively small and the players manage to protect themselves with all kinds of constructions. So what do you think of Fortnite Dynamite? Buy Fortnite items cheap from u7buy and enjoy the game  now!

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