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Tips and Tricks to Improve in Season 5 of Fortnite


The season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale is already with us and with it many new challenges, a new map and different elements and characteristics that you must follow very closely. However, you need to take advantage of all these features to improve Fortnite and win games again.
With these tricks and tips to improve in season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale we give you all the keys you need to take advantage of the new features introduced in recent days. With this, along with all your previous experience, you will be a player to take into account during games.
The new locations of Ostentatious Oasis and Sibarita Society
One of the problems that the previous map of the game had is that the majority of the people concentrated in Pitched Floors and Underground Socavón, causing that the main nucleus of players fell in that zone and other less popular places like Anarchic Acres or Pond were wasted. Dripping. However, the appearance of Ostentatious Oasis by Charca Chorreante and Sociedad Sibarita by Anarchic Acres is not a coincidence, but the development team has wanted to replace them because they were from the areas least visited by the players.
With these two new locations, what is intended is that players are distributed much more on the map making it more usable, and in this way the games become more varied and different. So keep that in mind, because from now on you can find a greater number of rivals in other areas where there was practically no one before.
The appearance of dimensional portals
It is another of the great novelties of this season 5. Through the appearance of these portals in random areas of the map, players can enter them and will be launched from the air to re-plan and change their situation on the map. This is especially interesting and also dangerous for you. It is interesting because you can use these dimensional portals to reach certain enemies that appear far away or to go from one area of the map to another. But on the other hand, it is also complicated for you, because at any moment a rival can be thrown at you from the sky and eliminated without you noticing.
New weapons balance
You must forget how the machine guns or rifles worked before, because not only do we have a new submachine gun, but certain parameters have also been balanced. In fact, right now we can only carry one of these machine guns or sub-machine guns at the same time, or rather, it is only advisable to carry one of these. This will cause that when you are facing another enemy you do not have to trust all the luck in a single Fortnite weapon, but you must use several different ones. In this way you will have to perfect your technique with weapons, master at least three of them including explosives, to have the advantages you had previously in the battles with other users.
The first vehicles of the game
Since the development team are testing the golf carts, one of the first vehicles to reach the game. Inspired by the test that was done with the shopping carts, now the golf carts will allow us to move much faster on the stage. Having access to any of them could be very interesting for our interests in the game.
In fact we can use all these golf carts to get out more easily from the storm or helping us to be playing at the limits of it. They can also help us to get closer to any rival much faster. Even in team games we can get more out of being able to take several members.
Keep in mind these tips and we can assure you that you will beat all your opponents! See you in the game guys! 

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