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100K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 200.00
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200K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 400.00
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300K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 600.00
FUT 21 thumb
500K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 1000.00
FUT 21 thumb
800K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 1600.00
FUT 21 thumb
1000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 2000.00
FUT 21 thumb
1500K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 3000.00
FUT 21 thumb
2000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 4000.00
FUT 21 thumb
3000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 6000.00
FUT 21 thumb
4000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 8000.00
FUT 21 thumb
5000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 10000.00
FUT 21 thumb
6000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 12000.00
FUT 21 thumb
7000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 14000.00
FUT 21 thumb
8000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 16000.00
FUT 21 thumb
10000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 20000.00
FUT 21 thumb
15000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 30000.00
FUT 21 thumb
20000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 40000.00
FUT 21 thumb
30000K Safe 3.0 Coins PS4
USD $ 60000.00

How Can You Buy FUT 21 Coins?

Please note that we can only transfer the coins when you have access to the transfer market from Web App. The process of buying FUT 21 coins is quite similar to the players buying:
1. Choose a preferable amount of FUT 21 coins, and click “BUY”;
2. Enter a valid email address, choose a payment method and click “SECURE PAYMENT”;
3. After you pay successfully, go to U7BUY Order History, find your order, and click “GET COINS”;
4. Fill in your EA account information (includes login email, passwords, and backup codes) and click “SUBMIT”.

5. Log out of the game on the console and web app; You’ll receive an email when the order is delivered. Please log back to the game and change your EA password.

Is It Safe To Buy FUT 21 Coins?

We don’t use bots to transfer FUT 21 coins via Comfort Trade service. Therefore, it is safe to buy FUT 21 coins here at U7BUY. 
You may be scared to hand over your account information. Please don’t worry; the information will be secured and encrypted. We upgrade our system frequently to increase security.
The payment is protected by trustworthy third-party companies; PayPal, Skrill, VISA, Bitcoin, PaySafeCard, etc. will safeguard every transaction.

If you want an alternative for getting coins, you can also try our FUT 21 Player Auction service.

Will You Get Banned for Buying FUT 21 Coins?

U7BUY takes customers’ account security as a priority. It is not likely that you’ll get your account suspended or banned for purchasing the cheapest FUT 21 coins from us.
Nevertheless, there’re many scammers on the internet, and they might pretend to be U7BUY and trick you. That might put your account in danger.
If there’s someone messages you on social media and ask for your account details to offer you free FUT 21 coins because you’ve bought before from U7BUY, please do not trust them. We’ll never ask for your account details over social media.
We’ll only get in touch with you via our customer service email: [email protected]

If you need help, please use LiveChat, or message WhatsApp +86 13042498011 or send an email to [email protected]

Can I Sell FUT 21 Coins?

You’re always welcome to sell your FUT 21 coins to U7BUY!
Please email [email protected] or message WhatsApp +86 16619882044 for more details on FUT 21 coins selling.
Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account