FUT 21 Coins Player Auction

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50K Coins PS4
USD $ 150.00
FUT 21 thumb
60K Coins PS4
USD $ 180.00
FUT 21 thumb
80K Coins PS4
USD $ 240.00
FUT 21 thumb
100K Coins PS4
USD $ 300.00
FUT 21 thumb
120K Coins PS4
USD $ 360.00
FUT 21 thumb
150K Coins PS4
USD $ 450.00
FUT 21 thumb
200K Coins PS4
USD $ 600.00
FUT 21 thumb
300K Coins PS4
USD $ 900.00
FUT 21 thumb
400K Coins PS4
USD $ 1200.00
FUT 21 thumb
500K Coins PS4
USD $ 1500.00
FUT 21 thumb
600K Coins PS4
USD $ 1800.00
FUT 21 thumb
700K Coins PS4
USD $ 2100.00
FUT 21 thumb
800K Coins PS4
USD $ 2400.00
FUT 21 thumb
900K Coins PS4
USD $ 2700.00
FUT 21 thumb
1000K Coins PS4
USD $ 3000.00
FUT 21 thumb
1200K Coins PS4
USD $ 3600.00
FUT 21 thumb
1500K Coins PS4
USD $ 4500.00
FUT 21 thumb
2000K Coins PS4
USD $ 6000.00
FUT 21 thumb
3000K Coins PS4
USD $ 9000.00
FUT 21 thumb
5000K Coins PS4
USD $ 15000.00

How Do You Get Coins with FUT 21 Player Auction?

The process of getting FUT 21 Player Auction coins is very similar to our FUT 21 Comfort Trade service, but we don’t need your account information. You’ll need:
1. Choose a preferable amount of coins, and click “BUY”;
2. List player card(s) on the FUT transfer market, and fill in the card information. We need: Full name of the player, the ratings, the start price you’ve set (1,000 coins minimum), the buy now price, the quantity of the listed players, transfer duration, and you can leave us special requirements also.
If you’ve listed more than one player, please click the “Add More Players” button, and also adjust the quantity of players section. We only take special players, please don’t list bronze/silver/gold players;

3. We’ll locate your card and bid them, so you’ll get the cheap FUT 21 coins; You’ll receive an email when the order is delivered. Please make sure you enter a valid email address; otherwise, you might lose your order.

How Can I Seek Help for My Player Auction Order?

We’ll only get in touch with you via our customer service email: [email protected]
If you need help, please use LiveChat, or message WhatsApp +86 13042498011, or send an email to [email protected]
If there’s someone messages you on social media and ask for your account details to offer you free FUT 21 coins because you’ve bought before from U7BUY, please do not trust them. We’ll never ask for your account details over social media.
Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account