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NBA 2K18 - Do You Own All These MyTeam Cards?


The Historic collection is one of the multitudinous NBA 2K18 sets of MyTeam cards. There are many cards to collect and more are added on regular basis. The latest batch of cards contains well-known names such as Jeff Hornacek and Sam Cassell. Players will be happy to discover that the cards represent various positions. Basketball players are from a variety of teams like Minnesota Timberwolves and Utah Jazz. The Historic collection is probably one of the most versatile MyTeam sets. Players have one more reason to look forward to these cards as some of them are the best amethyst items that can be obtained so far. Let's take a look at some of the basketball players. 
PJ Brown is featured in this collection as being part of the New Orleans Hornets. This card comes equipped with gold badges including the defensive stopper one. Brown is known for being a strong defensive player and for having good rebound. Jerry Sloan from the Chicago Bulls has good shooting and improved stats due to his badges. Rod Strickland from Washington Wizards is known for scoring 20 points and 10 assists. His top attributes are speed and playmaking. From Minnesota Timberwolves we have Stephon Marbury. He has badges like tireless scorer and one man fast break. Besides grit and grind he has 90 in all system proficiency attributes. New York Knicks are represented in this Historic collection by David Lee. His position is power forward and his best attributes are rebounding and scoring. Paul Westphal from the Phoenix Suns has badges like mid range deadeye that make him a must have for any MyTeam collector. Mark Eaton, a Utah Jazz member, is one tall player that makes a great paint defender. He has badges such as rim protector. 
All these players are amethyst items and you can get good players with NBA 2K18 MT in transfer market if you want. Sapphire and ruby cards can be obtained from Throwback packs. There are four sapphire players to collect: Bill Bradley, Robert Pack, Nene, and Horace Grant. Eight ruby players including Larry Nance, Devin Harris, and David West are available as well.  

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