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NBA Live Mobile - How to Start Season 2


NBA Live Mobile Season 2 started on the first of November 2017 with a game update. As soon as players start the app for the first time after this date, they will be prompted with an update notification. The game will start downloading and installing the update. It doesn't take longer than a few minutes. After the update is done, players can log into the game. Android users that are having troubles logging in should check the game's official Facebook page for a quick fix to this issues. After players log in, they must input their age by adjusting a slider bar and agree with the Terms and Conditions. 
The next step is to choose a user name that will become the name of the account. Players have the option to keep the name they've used in Season 1 or to choose a new one. After the name has been selected, the Season Score rewards are displayed. Season Score was a feature introduced in the last weeks of the previous season. Players were rewarded with tickets as they completed normal game activities such as sets, objectives, live events, and took part in season and head to head games. The Season Score Rewards screen shows how many tickets have been acquired for each activity. To proceed, players will need to tap the Claim Your Rewards button to obtain the tickets. Now, they finally have the chance to spend the tickets they've worked so hard to get. 
There are eight items such as player card and packs that can be bought with tickets. Players must spend all of their tickets else they cannot go further. The packs can be opened right after purchase or saved for later. After the tickets are spent, player will enter the main interface and they will notice a lot of changes. First, they should claim their free veteran reward packs. This is done by visiting the store. The introduction is followed by some tutorials that explain the new features. After a few minutes, players are ready to tackle the challenges of the new season. 
So now you can follow these steps to start Season 2. Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins buying tips and latest price please visit u7buy.com. 

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