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Madden NFL Prediction Week 8

time 11/13/2016

So regular NFL season is under way and so is Madden  17. Players around the world have used Madden NFL to predict the games for every week and we’ve come to week 8. The game is keeping up with the 24-17 record with the predictions. So let’s get into NFL 17 predictions for week 8.

Games in Week 8
We have an interesting week to predict here, with plenty of teams coming really close. The first game to be predicted was New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills, with Bills totaling whopping 510 yards they were still defeated by Patriots with score of 43-40. Here is the list of all the games predicted in Madden NFL for Week 8

Washington Redskins 40 – Cincinnati Bengals 31
New England Patriots 43 – Buffalo Bills 40
Arizona Cardinals 29 – Carolina Panthers 6
New York Jets 26 – Cleveland Browns 31
Detroit Lions 50 – Houston Texans 22
Kansas City Chiefs 26 – Indianapolis Colts 9
Seattle Seahawks 18 – New Orleans Saints 19
Oakland Raiders 27 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16
San Diego Chargers 31 – Denver Broncos 28
Green Bay Packets 34 – Atlanta Falcons 49
Philadelphia Eagles 19 – Dallas Cowboys 22
Minnesota Vikings 6 – Chicago Bears 2

Commentary on Madden NFL Prediction Week 8
It’s certainly interesting Madden NFL prediction of week 8, with some close up games and some blown our leads. Patriots and Bills game was very close until the ending, with Bills totaling a whopping 520 yards. One of the most notable leads were Cardinals vs Panthers in where Cardinals managed to keep their hot run rolling over Panthers for a 28 lead victory. The predicted games for week 8 were really interesting to watch, especially the tight games like Charger vs Broncos where Melvin Gordon has an outstanding game adding 4 more touchdowns to his total.

Overall, the Madden NFL predictions for week 8 are looking good. Let’s see if the simulations can keep up with accurate predictions in the week 8! If you play nfl 17, maybe you also need nfl 17 coins or nfl 17 points cheap for playing, please come to our site to get now, we are your best assistant!

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