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Final Fantasy XIV the ONE TIP that you need as a beginner

time 12/18/2016

The thought of this article is pretty simple… The internet has a bunch of those “Tips and Tricks for noobs” articles thrown about that just repeat the same old stuff, but in truth there is just 1 big tip that every newbie should use… Unless you want to die horribly by experimenting with FFXIV and just end up hating the game. So to save you valuable newbie time, here is the 1 tip that you need to play Final Fantasy XIV as a beginner… With a few separated parts for added effect.

The One TIP

First off, don’t think about best in slot equipment or perfect rotations right now. You are a noob in FFXIV so just stick with what you have.
Stop following those builds that tell you that and to pick a specific class. Just pick your class and stick with it. You will play it by heart in the end.
You will get used to any job you choose in Final Fantasy XIV and by the end you can start using those rotations.
THERE IS NO WRONG THING YOU CAN DO. I can’t stress this enough. Builds have got FFXIV noobs going crazy over perfection, just play the game and you will love it all the same.  Welcome to u7buy.com when you need cheap FFXIV Gil or FFXIV Power Leveling service which are cheap and safe. 

What else?

Tis the beauty of a one tip article for Final Fantasy XIV and that is that there is no piled on crap that juts makes the game confusing and hard to play for a beginner. Don’t listen to those pros telling you what build and class to use in FFXIV, just play it your way at the start; they all did and look at them now. So just use this one beginner tip for Final Fantasy 14 and you will be good to go in this amazing game. 

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