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Madden NFL 17 How to Relocate your Franchise

time 02/22/2017

Well this question was bound to be asked once or twice online about Madden NFL 17 and here is the solution to your problem if you are the one with the request. Relocating your Franchise in Madden 17 is not a hard task but you will find the planning to be the hardest part. In the end, when you actually figure out where you want to go with your Madden 17 Franchise just follow the text bellow. 
How to
There are 18 options for relocation:
London, England
St. Louis, Missouri
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Houston, Texas
Dublin, Ireland
Austin, Texas
Portland, Oregon
Columbus, Ohio
Sacramento, California
Chicago, Illinois
Memphis, Tennessee
Brooklyn, New York
Salt Lake City, Utah
Orlando, Florida
San Antonio, Texas
Toronto, Canada
Mexico City, Mexico
Los Angeles, California
After choosing a city, you have to pick your team name or choose one of the city names that already exist. After this you will have to go through the normal franchise creation process for Madden NFL 17. Whilst this is pretty straightforward and easy you will have to do a bit of planning before proceeding with all of this because you might actually screw up your franchise like this. 
hats it folks. Relocating your Madden NFL 17 franchise is pretty simple but you will have to plan out ahead where you want your Madden 17 franchise to go and what you actually want to accomplish with the move in the first place. But whatever the reason for your move you can be certain that you will always have fun in Mexico… Just not when the drug tests come… 
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