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Best Runescape 2007 PvPers Are Ready to Fight in the Deadman Invitational Tournament

time 05/26/2017

Deadman is a Runescape 2007 challenging PvP mode. The top 2000 players are selected to take part in a tournament called Deadman Invitational. The competition lasts for six days during which the selected players fight for the grand prize of $10,000. A brand new server that hosts the tournament is opened. Players receive the invitation for the tournament in their Runescape 2007 inbox. 
Deadman Invitational is not very different from the normal Deadman mode. Because the competition lasts for six days only, things need to happen faster so the XP gain rate is increased tenfold. The rules of the tournament are simple. All players start with new characters, the winner is the player who manages to survive for six days and there can be only one winner. To ensure that no player tries to hide from the others, all players are able to use only the free to play Deadman region. The zone will shrink forcing players to eventually interact. There are no second chances in Deadman Invitational. Players cannot respawn. There are also no safe areas. The tournament removes all guards. These are the tournament rules. Deadman Invitational is simple but extremely challenging. Some players spend a lot of time training for this contest. Considering that the big prize is a nice real money reward, Deadman Invitational is even more appealing. 
There is no rest for the hardcore Runescape 2007 PvP fans. After Deadman Invitational ends, another tournament begins, Deadman Seasonal. There are separate  Runescape 2007 servers for this mode. Each player starts with a new level three character. The starting area is the familiar tutorial island. Deadman seasonal lasts for almost three months so the race is not that hectic but it's no walk in the park either. The rules are not that harsh as in Deadman Invitational but this too is a hardcore PvP mode. The Deadman seasonal leaderboards are reset once every three months.
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