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What We Did not Like About FUT 17

time 07/26/2017

Welcome everyone again! It's good to be with us! How we promised in the last article, in this part we will talk about what did not like the fans of FUT 17. Without further ado, let's begin!
We all fear change; Is a common and very normal human response, but, to fear the change in a video game? The changes are good and especially in a franchise like FUT, which has always been criticized for just updating the team roster and adding players year after year. This is a common occurrence in games such as 2K NBA and WWE games (which are also already part of 2K studios); So are sports games, we can not expect major changes. However, EA thought if they could make a big change with FUT 17 and boy did it.
Penalty kicks, free kicks and everything new in FUT 17
Penalties and free throws were the main things that changed, in addition to adding more weight to the player, since now we can defend the ball with the body of the player. Now it is possible to say completely the direction of the ball and how we are going to hit it. That sounds good, does not it? Not for many, because this was the major concern that caused many players to move away from FUT 17.
Yes, of course it was difficult at first, but, everything new or unknown to us is difficult at first, right? We can not wait to get to a game and be the best right away. A good example is Rocket League. If you get to this game right now and you want to make fantasy shots right away ... forget it.
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