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Final Fantasy XIV - How to Get XP With Hunting and Gathering Logs

time 09/18/2017

Final Fantasy XIV logs offer an additional way of getting XP. These logs are simple kill and retrieve assignments. There are two types of logs: hunting and gathering. Each class has its own log with different tasks. Players can complete logs at any time they wish but it's best if they complete quests or other XP rewarding activities first and leave the logs for when there is no other leveling option. 
There are two ways of accessing the hunting logs. Players can open the main menu first and then open the Personal Logs sub-menu. The easier way is to just press the H key. There are separate hunting logs for each class. The hunting logs interface displays classes with their associated hunting logs. There are multiple log ranks. In order to unlock a higher rank, players must complete all the logs from the previous rank. Completing logs means finding and defeating specific creatures. Players can click on the numbers to see the requirements. The name of the creature is shown, its location, the number of creatures that have to be killed, and the XP reward. A completed log will be checked with a mark. If the log is grayed out, it means that it's not yet completed. Players can also complete hunting logs for their Great Company to earn company seals. 
The gathering log has four categories: mining, quarrying, logging, and harvesting. Players need to have an active gathering class in order to make use of the abilities that allow them to acquire items. Each sub-log is divided based on levels. Just like in the hunting log, players will see what material they need to collect and the location of the item that contains it. Shards such as ice, fire, or water can be gathered for all four sub-logs. 
Hunting logs are an alternate way to get XP for disciple of war classes but gathering logs are one of the primary methods of leveling a gathering class. Players get XP and also acquire items that are used as crafting materials and ingredients. 
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