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ESO – Introducing Two New PvP Maps!

time 03/13/2018

Mor Khazgur. As the name suggests, this ESO PvP map is of Orcish origin. The location of the stronghold is none other than Wrothgar, the land of the Orcs. Many have fought to gain control over it. Each conqueror had a unique vision for it so the fortress went through many modifications throughout the years. Now the place stands in ruin but architectural details are still present. A statue of the Daedric prince Malacath has stood the test of time. The ruin is a deathtrap. There are many ledges from which unaware adventurers can fall to their death. Should they survive the fall, they will need to get back up and make up for the lost time. The meteorological conditions complement the setting. Snowstorms hinder sight. This is a constant challenge when fighting in this arena so players should make your character ready with ESO Gold and learn how to deal with limited visibility. 
Deeping Drome. This map is the opposite of the first one. If Mor Khazgur is an open arena set in a ruined Orcish stronghold, Deeping Dome is an underground location. The cave is full of giant mushrooms that glow and cast light in the dark. The challenge of this arena lies in the way it is built. Players will notice that there are many terrain details such as tunnels and higher ground that make the place quite difficult to navigate. This means that the map has many locations that make a great ambush spot. Knowing the terrain is of great help. The enemy can be lost by breaking the line of sight and even lured into an ambush. Countless strategies can be used here. Deeping Dome is a PvP map that requires a lot of movement so players should get ready with ESO Items for serious legwork. 
Both maps are available for free if players have the Morrowind expansion. They are introduced with Update 17 that brings new changes and features to the original game but players are reminded that battlegrounds are a Morrowind feature so they need the expansion in order to enjoy this PvP mode. 

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