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New PUBG Spring Crates Are Now Available

time 03/16/2018

PUBG players have now more items to collect as new types of crates have made their way into the game. The crates come to honor the beginning of spring. There are two kinds of crates and their themes couldn't be more different. The Fever crates contain items that have a vintage theme. Creators aimed to include in the Fever crates items that are based on the seventies and eighties style. Players now have the chance to outfit their characters with vintage looking customization items. These crates are bought in exchange for BP. To open them, players will use early bird keys. The keys are bought on the Steam market. Here are some of the items that can be found in the Fever crates. The items with the highest drop chance, 15%, are the Zest Turtleneck and the School Shoes. Mesh Polo Shirts, Checkered Shirts, Hi-top Canvas Sneakers and Combat Gloves have a 10% chance to drop. The rarest items are the Zest Silk Scarf, the Floral Retro and Zest Denim Jacket, the Cropped Corset and the Zest Checkered Shirt. The last two items have 0.32% and 0.16% chance to drop. 
The second type of crates are called Militia and, as the name suggests, the chosen theme is a military one. From these crates, players have the chance to get Miramar frontiersman equipment and outfits inspired by the Erangel resistance. Players will get these crates as drops. Militia crates have a 40% chance to drop. Gray Tank Tops, red and white Raglan T-shirts, and Vintage Polo Shirts will be obtained quite easily as they have a 20% chance to be found. The Vintage Gas Mask, Military Skirt, brown Cowboy Hat, and the Faux Leather Jacket are ultra rare items with a chance to drop lower than 0.01%.
Players will start obtaining the new crates as soon as they are available on February 22nd. Prior to this date, they were able to preview the crates and their content on the test servers but they would not keep the items. 
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