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What Do You Think Of FUT 20 Customization Options?

time 08/29/2019

More customization options are part of the FUT 20 list of features. The system is enriched with more options so players have even more ways to create unique clubs. Eight customization options are available. FUT 20 Players are able to choose home kits, away kits, badges, celebrations moves, ball customization, stadium, stadium theme, and tifo. Each category has lots of options. There are thousands of unique combinations so you are guaranteed to find at least one you like. The options include authentic styles for players that want to recreate authentic clubs. There are also customization options for those who want to make one of a kind clubs. Some of the categories have been in past EA FUT games but two of them are new. 

Players will notice that they can choose a stadium theme and tifo for their clubs. Choose a stadium theme and notice how the sidelines and the crowd change. The tifo is shown in the intro before the games and in some of the goal replays. You will see that your preferred tifo is shown in the background. You can also choose from a large variety of celebrations. The celebration is bound to the X or the A button. After you score a goal, you can do a celebration. If you assign a custom celebration that doesn't mean that you will not be able to do other celebrations that are bound to other buttons. The ball customization is visible to you only. This means that the opponent will see the ball selected by them or the default ball. This is done to avoid confusion. Take note that some stadium might not support all customization options. You can see what type of customization items are supported before choosing a stadium. It's advised to look at the stadiums and the supported customization before making a choice. FUT 20 comes with plenty of more features including a new game mode. Volta gives players the chance to experience street football. Career mode and got some updates too. The game is releasing in September.

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